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4K screens and interface

Basic questions on how to achieve certain modding goals with the toolset. Texture and mesh-related questions have their own subforum. Answers not guaranteed.

4K screens and interface

Postby _jack_ » 14 Oct 2015, 06:01

good morning to everyone

I saw how much progress has been made in the modding of mass effect, I wonder if any of these 2 aspects would be possible

1: Relatively recently I got a new computer and I've noticed that ME3 is seriously wrong with 4K resolution.

This is because the interface resizes with the resolution change and makes the menus are virtually unreadable

Is it possible to edit the interface or increased in size to run well at higher resolutions at 1080p?

2: The animations are terribly wrong ME3 implemented in eg image transitions when we come under coverage or change the type of ammunition weapons (animations are blocked)

Is it possible to fix these bugs or return to the animations that were displayed in the beta versions that were better made and were closest to ME2?

For example, in this video we can see that the animations have a different speed and are more similar to those of ME2, get something like this and to solve the bugs would be nice

Supongo que las animaciones que se veían en el E3 aun estaran dentro de los archivos del juego no?


those were my 2 questions in advance thank you very much and sorry for my bad English
bye ;)
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Re: 4K screens and interface

Postby giftfish » 21 May 2016, 15:11

Ignore post. Using it to fix a Freeforums glitch in the Last Post data.
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