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Beta 2.0.2

Information and links to new stable & beta releases.

Beta 2.0.2

Postby SirCxyrtyx » 27 Apr 2016, 02:06

Issues Resolved
#342((suggestion) easier "save HEX changes" in wwise bank editor): TheFob
added easily accessible button to save hex changes

#349(Beta: QuickBMS [actually only maybe] and XboxLZX.bms can be removed): FemShep
removed QuickBMS and associated files as they were no longer used.

#345(Interpreter-- Array editing): Giftfish
Array elements can be moved up and down. Elements can be inserted before another element.

#346((suggestion) Add copy function to name table): TheFob
right clicking on a highlighted name (in the ME3 Package Editor Name View) lets you copy it.

Additional Changes
  • Renamed PCC Editor to Package Editor
  • Interpreter: added "None" to enum dropdown. Not sure if that's always a valid value, but it is sometimes.
  • Restore -toceditorupdate command line option
  • ME3 SequenceEditor: Changing something in the property editor or the Interpreter refreshes the sequence
  • ME3 SequenceEditor: got rid of that worthless help viewer that took up the bottom half of the property editor
  • ME3Creator: fixed import bug. Enum ByteProperties had their value imported as an integer, not a name.

I also did something that I'm not entirely certain is a good idea, but I figured I'd just do it and then let people try it. Can always revert it if it was a bad idea. While working on integrating the Interpreter into ME3Creator (which is slightly more complicated than I thought it would be) I got the idea of sticking the Interpreter right into the Package Editor. Then I thought, now the hex data is shown in two places here, that's silly. So I deleted the Hex Editor tab and made the Interpreter hex box editable. I also made the hex box actually resizable, so you can have it at the default where it only shows the hex 4 bytes a line, or you can expand it to show 16 bytes and the string view, just like the Hex Editor tab showed. So try it out, and tell me what you think.

Get It Here
(Disclaimer: This is a beta release, so the only person who has tested any of this is me. That means there will be bugs, and you will encounter them. When you do, please make a bug report on Github so that they can be fixed.)

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Re: Beta 2.0.2

Postby The Fob » 27 Apr 2016, 03:31

Awesome! Thanks for implementing my stuff so quickly SirCxyrtyx! That'll make my current project a lot quicker and easier.
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Re: Beta 2.0.2

Postby FemShep » 27 Apr 2016, 06:34

For Interpret hex, it would be interesting if clicking on an element would highlight the used bytes. That way you wouldn't need to click on the next item to find the start of an array for example.
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