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Beta 2.0.6

Information and links to new stable & beta releases.

Beta 2.0.6

Postby SirCxyrtyx » 27 May 2016, 22:44

Issues Resolved
#373(ME3 Interpreter chokes on some pcc files when ME3 is not installed): FemShep
ME3 Interpreter no longer gives a Parse Error when ME3 isn't installed. Immutable structs (vector, color, rotator, etc) cannot be parsed unless ME3 is installed, so it will just show the raw hex for those.

#360(ME1 Script Decompiler): FemShep
Rudimentary ME1 Script decompiling support

#359(Beta: (Feature): Hex Editor displays byte/short/word in decimal from current position): FemShep
Status bar at bottom of Interpreter will show the value of the currently selected byte in decimal, as well as the little endian integer starting at that position.

Additional Changes
  • Reconstruction save seems to be working well for people, so I've made it the default save method across the toolset. No matter what tool you're using, when you hit save it will do a reconstruction save, unless the PCC has a SeekFreeShaderCache, in which case it will fall back to append save. Exception is GUID Cache Editor which has some strange format difference in the header which I don't really understand, so I left that alone. (What does that tool even do?)
  • So you know how PCCs sometimes took forever to save? That is now a thing of the past. Reconstruction save is near instant, and I fixed append save up to be just as fast. I'd be very surprised if saving a pcc ever took more than a second now.

Get It Here
(Disclaimer: This is a beta release, so the only person who has tested any of this is me. That means there will be bugs, and you will encounter them. When you do, please make a bug report on Github so that they can be fixed.)

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Re: Beta 2.0.6

Postby FemShep » 28 May 2016, 01:40

I put the new build into mod manager for testing, and I had it apply a sfxgame mixin (has to decompress sfxgame). Thought it crashed cause it just breezed through it like it was cached instead of taking 4 minutes. Incredible.

Related, allowing cerberus to shoot 20 smoke grenades is awesome. Its legit cover now.
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