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Information and links to new stable & beta releases.
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Beta 3.0.1

29 Nov 2016, 23:38

Issues Resolved
#431(Coalesced Editor, Small changes): giftfish
updated name, icon

#429(v2.0.15, TLK Tool Compile Broken for old files): giftfish
TLK tool should handle xml files generated by the old version of the TLK tool. I'd recommend just working with files decompiled by this version though. They're much nicer looking.

#436(3.0 - Crash when unpacking DLCs): CreeperLava
Should no longer crash if whatever problem CreeperLava was having occurs. I can't guarantee it will unpack the DLCs, but at least it won't crash.

#434(ModMaker Script Compiler Error): deadspear
This is the third time I've tried to fix this. I think I've attacked the root cause this time.

#438(v3.0.0: Texplorer ME2 scan fails (LZO decompression failed)): GreatEmerald
User is prompted to install the necessary Visual C++ redistributable if this issue crops up.

#446(3.0 bug minor - FaceFX not saving object size changes correctly): Kinkojiro
No more pesky errors in the logger.

#439(3.0 - Initial Setup window popping up every time): CreeperLava
Conditions for Initial setup appearing have changed.
  • Appears the first time you open ME3Explorer
  • Appears if you have ME3 installed and there are unpacked DLCs.
You can still disable it completely via advanced settings.

#454(PackEd | Remove auto-open last file): giftfish
PackEd no longer opens the last opened file when launched.

Issues Resolved by Kfreon
#435(v3.0, Toolset TPFs incompatible with Texmod): giftfish
Toolset built TPF's are now Texmod compatible, for real this time.

Issues Resolved by benji (epicabsol)
#450(Meshplorer viewport constant aspect ratio): epicabsol
Fixed the aspect ratios of the 3D previews in Meshplorer and Meshplorer2.

Additional Changes
The Sequence Editor in 2.0.15 and 3.0 was displaying objects incorrectly when they had comments where the strings had multiple nulls at the end. This has been fixed.

Get It Here
(Disclaimer: This is a beta release, so the only person who has tested any of this is me. If you encounter any bugs, please make a bug report on Github so that they can be fixed.)
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