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Changing Tali's visor's opacity and color

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Changing Tali's visor's opacity and color

Postby Inquiring » 15 Apr 2013, 01:56

green visor and 100% opacity
0% opacity

EDIT: Thanks to saltisgood for reminding me about the search function

1. Download Mass Effect 3 Explorer.
2. Make a backup and then open up one or more files that contain the Tali material files in PCC Editor 2.0 (they're located in the CookedPCConsole folder). They are (there may be more, but these are the ones I've found):
BioD_Nor_133RomTali_LOC_INT.pcc (Tali during romance scene)
BioH_Tali_00_NC.pcc (Tali during non-combat - hence "NC" - situations, like on the Normandy or Citadel, uses default appearance)
BioH_Tali_00.pcc (Tali's default appearance during missions)
BioH_Tali_00_Explore.pcc (squad selection screen?)
BioH_Tali_01.pcc (Tali's second appearance choice during missions)
BioH_Tali_01_Explore.pcc (Not sure where this is used, but second appearance choice)
BioH_Tali_02.pcc (DLC appearance during missions)
BioH_Tali_02_Explore.pcc (Not sure where this is used, but DLC appearance)
BioD_Gth002_400Resolution.pcc (not sure why materials are in here instead of using another package)
3. In this package, you need to search for locate QRN_ARM_TLIa_MAT_2a.

In BioD_Nor_133RomTali_LOC_INT.pcc (which only contains the second material file), the material file for her visor is item #708. In BioD_Tali_00_NC.pcc, it is item #566 (the first, which does not have the visor colors/opacity is #565, 1a instead of 2a)

After selecting, click on debug and then get complete dump, saving the .bin file somewhere.
Then click on interpret and then start scan. You're first going to look at a set of 4 values above "VSR_Colour_02" and above "VSR_Colour_01." The set of values for VSR_Colour_02 are at hex offsets 40-4C. In order, these four values correspond to Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha. The set of values for VSR_Colour_01 are at hex offsets C8-D4. Scroll down a bit and find "VSR_Opacity." This is the opacity of her visor - make it 0 and her face is completely exposed, make it 1 and you can't see any of her face. The offset we want to look at here is 228.

These offsets should be the same for each of Tali's second material files, although if one of the packages is different it shouldn't be too hard to discern what you need to edit. I'm not sure what the practical difference between VSR_Colour_02 and VSR_Colour_01 is - I would recommend just coloring them the same for now.

4. Open up a hex editor. I recommend hxd. After you've open the .bin file you saved, you should set the bytes to row to 4, to match ME3 explorer's interpret screen. Go to hex offset 40. In such a short file as Tali's material file, you can just locate that by scrolling, but to be faster you could use the "goto" function in your hex editor. In hxd, you can do so by using CTRL+G.
5. Now you're going to want to get the 255-based RGB values (ex. 124, 255, 80)for the color you want for the visor. Then go to http://andylangton.co.uk/tools/colour-converter or somewhere else where you can convert 255-based RGB to percent-based RGB. In the third box on this website, input your RGB values - like 124, 255, 80 - into the first text box inside of it. Then click convert to RGB. You're going to get 3 percentages. Now, take these percentages and record them somewhere as decimals. 49% becomes .49, 100% becomes 1, 31% becomes .31, etc.
6. Download this or use something else that can convert between integer, float, and hex (if you do use something else, remember Mass Effect files use little endian):
Thanks to WarrantyVoider
In this application, enter the red decimal value into the "value" textbox. Click on the lower convert button. Now, you have the hex value for it. In the case for .49, it is 48E1FA3E. Take those values and overwrite the ones in the bin file you are hex editing. Do NOT paste it in and increase the file size. We aren't adding numbers, in other words, we are changing them. In hxd, near the bottom of the application, it should say "overwrite" or "insert." If it says "insert," press the insert button to get it back to overwrite. In hxd, you can use CTRL+B to overwrite rather than paste something when you have hex values in your copy clipboard.

So basically, we are overwriting the values at offset 40 for the red part of the color. For the green part of the color, it's going to be 44, and so on. You can change the alpha here if you like, although you may be better served to doing it only for VSR_Opacity depending on what you want. Make these changes for the corresponding parts at offsets C8-D4 as well.

Use the float converter to get the hex values for the visor's opacity. 1 is 0000803F. 0 is 00 00 00 00. Use the hex values for offset 228.

When you're done, save the .bin file.

7. Now in ME3 explorer, you want to close out of interpret mode (not the entire program) by clicking on the x (not the top most x - the one under it). With the material file selected in the export list, go to edit and replace with bin, using the bin file you edited. Now you want to save your pcc file over the original (making sure you've made a backup beforehand). Then in ME3 explorer, go to tools and run the TOCBinupdater. The file it wants is in the BIOGame folder. After you've updated, you can run the game and if you did everything right you should see the correct changes for the Tali file you edited.

For Tali's DLC outfit, you are basically doing the same thing, but make sure to edit the PCConsoleTOC.bin file in the .sfar to reflect any file size changes your editing may have brought about.
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Re: Changing Tali's visor's opacity and color

Postby saltisgood » 15 Apr 2013, 02:55

^Nice tut. A couple of things I might add:
1. From memory, I think the *_Explore.pcc files are for the squad selection screen.

2. When you're looking through the export list looking for the material file I thought you could use a search function to find the export given the name.

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Re: Changing Tali's visor's opacity and color

Postby Praedor » 04 Dec 2013, 21:35

BINGO! This is the information I need. I have a Tali with a full function face mod ready to go but was trying to figure out how to make the visor less opaque. I want to make her visors in the default and 1st alternate uniform about 60% opaque to make the face fairly visible. I assume this method will work with any/all Tali pcc files(?)
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