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CR: ME1 Save game format

Technical research related to the structure of Mass Effect game files.

Re: CR: ME1 Save game format

Postby Moff » 05 Nov 2013, 13:35

WarrantyVoider wrote:First I noticed not all savegames have this object, only savegames with individual face!

That figures, default Shepard uses a separate head model that couldn't be morphed at all.
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Re: CR: ME1 Save game format

Postby Kinkojiro » 22 Oct 2014, 02:53

Small addendum to the knowledge base: inside state.sav from offsets 0x03FB to 0x064E (although this range might change slightly - it looks correct for all my saves) contains all the plot.ints.

They are in order - so 0x03FB to 0x03FE is what ME2gibbed calls me1plot.int 0, the next 4 digits are int 1 etc up until 148.

In ME3 these are ints 10000-10148.

After this some jumbled hex, there looks like the plot bools. The key issue is that the numbers on the bools seem to bear no resemblance to the bools translated for ME2, and I am not sure there are enough bools given the numbers that get imported. Still researching....

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