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Defaulting to Sheploo when experimenting with my hair DLCs

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Defaulting to Sheploo when experimenting with my hair DLCs

Postby ElysiumFic » 06 Dec 2016, 20:15

So, here's an interesting twist on things.

I'm revisiting the idea of seeing if I can use cloning to put all (or at least a reasonably-sized bundle) of the hair mods in a single DLC, and then the user could choose between them just by savegame editing without swapping out DLC files. I'm not sure this is actually easier or more efficient on the user end than the current method, which is to edit the savegame once and then swap out the DLCs if you want to change hairs, but it's more just me tweaking and seeing what I can learn.

Mostly, in addition to an all-in-one (or several-in-one) bundle, what I'm hoping for is more informative names for the savegame settings. i.e. "I want the Adonis hair mod, so I edit the save game to use BIOG_HMM_HIR_MODS.Hair_Adonis.HMM_HIR_Adonis_MDL...oh, now I want Footprint so I'll edit to use BIOG_HMM_HIR_MODS.Hair_Footprint.HMM_HIR_Footprint_MDL" if that makes sense?

Last time I tried cloning hairs, back in, like, February, it would cause a crash on game startup. That might have been because I was still new at trying to figure out cloning and had done something wrong (I've had a lot more practice since working on my femshep clothing/armor DLCs), or because I was working with the femshep files and it's possible the femshep hair file is like the mshep armor/clothing files and will crash if you try to add new materials. This time, I'm working on mshep and so far, no crashes, which is good at least.

HOWEVER...when I load up the game to test the cloned hair, my custom mshep has been swapped for the default shep.

I'm wondering what might be causing this. Could it be something I'm doing wrong (which obviously isn't breaking the game, because no crashes) or is it more likely just an unavoidable issue where the game sees the funky hair files and says "nope, i don't even know wtf that is, default to sheploo"?

ETA: Figured it out. The tools have changed a little both from what I was using back in the spring and even moreso from the tutorial I learned from, and as a result I was missing a step but it wasn't terribly obvious.

Good news, I can do what I was hoping to do with the hair mods (at least for mShep; haven't tried fshep yet.) Bad news, my "next step" of being able to add these cloned hairs to the character creator in BioP_Char appears to be a no-go. It crashes the game the same way it does when trying to add cloned items to the mshep armor/clothing files does. Dang, it would have been nice to be able to add that in and eliminate the need for savegame editing altogether.
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