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Development related to Mr Fob's Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM).


Postby The Fob » 25 Nov 2013, 22:48

Due to popular demand over at BSN, I am posting all the new email in MEHEM v0.4 here. Have fun reading. All thanks and credit goes to frypan who wrote all these emails (yes, even the one from Cpt. Fob was his idea, not mine :)). The only one written by myself is Email 5, which was meant to be a lead in to the low EMS ending, to explain a little better what happens there and most importantly why the characters act as they do. But for all the others, frypan is the man. Thanks for writing these.

Email 1:
After Priority: Mars (this one is buggy and doesn't show up in v0.4, will be fixed for next version)
Requirements: None

Subject: Our debt to you

FROM: Cpt. Fob@SSVNürenberg

Dear Commander Shepard

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Captain Fob, and I grew up on Horizon before joining the alliance military. That was a long time ago, and I now have my own ship, but my family's home is still there...as is my family.

If not for you, that would not be the case. My parents were trapped in stasis by the Collectors and would have been hauled off if you hadn't intervened, and my sister was even shoved into one of those filthy pods before being rescued. While I mourn for those we lost that day, my family was saved by you and the Normandy crew, and I am grateful for that.

How does a man repay such a debt though? I don't know, but should we meet, I will find a way, and if we find ourselves on the same battlefield, I will seek you out, and find a way to pay back what is owed.

I don't know what the future holds, but I speak for many of those you have fought for over the years. You have friends in many places Shepard, and can count on us to be there when you need us.

yours sincerely

Captain Fob
SSV Nuremberg

Email 2:
After Priority: Sur'Kash
Requirements: None

Subject: FCC News Broadcast: Reapers Having a Tough Time on Earth

Good news today in the fight against the Reapers, as human forces fight back in Los Angeles. A small force of resistance fighters recently penetrated a Reaper processing facility and destroyed the complex with M-920 Cains, freeing many captives and eliminating a significant number of enemy forces.

This report comes from news broadcaster Emily Wong, who has been found alive and embedded with the Los Angeles resistance. Emily, a well known and popular news figure on the Citadel, was last reported as MIA after the reapers destroyed El Monte airport, however rescue crews managed to free her from the wreckage of her van. This is her first broadcast on release from hospital and comes just before the successful attack on the processing facility:

"Its great to be back folks, and I apologise for my extended absence. The fighting has been intense, but rescue crews and mobile hospitals made up of non-combatants are everywhere and they did a fine job helping to get me back on the air.

"Resistance groups have appeared all over the place, and are penetrating many cities using old underground networks and systems. Overall, morale is good, and news that the galaxy is finally rallying to meet the threat has hopes high that rescue will eventually come.

"I'm currently embedded with a mixed force of Alliance troops, National Guard, and civilian volunteers, and we're awaiting orders to move out on our next target. I cannot provide details, but am permitted to say that we are giving the Reapers a hard time of things and are about to strike an important blow in the war effort. While Reaper capital ships are invulnerable to our attacks, their processing facilities and ground forces are susceptible to hit and run tactics, and the local defenders are getting better each day at striking these targets.

"We're about to set off. I will continue to report as opportunity allows, and wish everybody the best in this fight. I leave you with the words of one of these young soldiers eager to get to grips with the enemy:

"You know, we were the first hit and we're still fighting. Not only can we hold out a little longer but tonight we give the Reapers their first taste of payback. Humanity isn't out of the fight yet."

This is Emily Wong, signing off from the front"

News of this success has been broadcast to the rest of the alliance forces, improving morale across the planet. Several sources report that overall the resistance is making headway, and that after the shock and high casualties of the initial attack, the Reaper advance has slowed as people have begun to get organised.

We will continue to provide updates as reports come in.

FCC News Network
Alliance Headquarters

Email 3:
After Priority Tuchanka: Cure the Genophage
Requirements: Found Asari writings in ME1, Got the trinket from Sha'ira in ME1

Subject: Your Destiny

Greetings Commander Shepard

Darkness is upon us all, and I am not sure to what end it leads. However it is known that the smallest actions can send ripples across the Universe. This is always so for one who stands at the conflux of events, and you are one such person Shepard. This is something that was known to me from the moment you came to the Citadel.

I had dreamed, but never imagined the power that one small gift could have, that it could guide someone to places only you could travel. The lost spheres, the etchings on ruins, the clues hidden in the writings seemed nothing more than shadows of a past long forgotten, but they are part of a path that has brought you to this destination.

My people tell me you have found a great weapon against the enemy, a weapon that may be the salvation of us all. I cannot believe that you, the one who found all those lost messages, and who discovered all those secret places on distant worlds, has not in some way led us to this place. For such a powerful thing to lie hidden, until the moment it is needed, can be no accident, and that it comes after you advanced our knowledge of the ancients so much, can be no accident either.

You have been there at every turning point Shepard. You defeated Saren and Sovereign, only to disappear until all thought you were lost. However you returned to strike a blow against the Collectors, and to prevent the Reapers from another swift return. While it has seemed cruel to hold for so long after you have done so much, it has kept you safe from the forces of the enemy, so that you are released now, at the time of our greatest need.

Think upon this Shepard. This weapon lay hidden for thousands of years, placed there when humans were but children, beneath the notice of the great and terrible forces of deep space. Yet, so soon after your passage across the galaxy, it is revealed to us beneath ruins that look out over the birthplace of your people. I cannot help but see a guiding hand here, perhaps the will of ancients long gone, or a destiny of which we know little.

Perhaps, it is just coincidence, but the cosmos is vast, and we know so little of its secrets.

For some reason, you have been placed at the centre of these events, and I think that you may yet have another part to play. Take care, stay true to your values. You may yet deliver us from the darkness.


Email 4
After: Priority: Geth Dreadnought (I think)
Requirements: None

Subject: ACR: Thanix Cannons

Alliance Combat Report: Use of Thanix Cannons on Reaper Forces

Summary: Thanix Cannon Deployment to Field Units

Alliance command reports that Thanix cannons are being installed on ships destined for the front lines. Council races are pooling resources to ensure that as many ships as possible are given the new weapons, which have proven effective when used against the larger ships of the enemy.

Tactical Report and Recommendations

Groups of four or five ships are best arrayed against individual reapers to ensure enemy ships are forced to prioritise their LOS weapon and engage across a wide arc. This gives individual ships time to target weak points including limbs, joints and the exposed central weapon system. Casualties should be expected, however this tactic maximises the possibility of delivering a crippling strike before the reaper is able to bear on all ships.

Strategic Implications

Individual Reapers can be taken down with lower casualties among the attacking ships than was experienced during the initial days of the war, enabling the deployment of Alliance and Council vessels to more regions. Early combat reports also show these tactics are effective in slowing the Reaper advance by inhibiting enemy movement and their ability to reinforce at will. While Reaper forces still dominate the battlefield, their ability to move freely has been compromised and they are forced to consolidate forces into large groups, thereby slowing the advance.

Further Reading

Hackett, S., "M4 Sherman vs. Tiger Tank" in Journal of Military History, (2163) pp 147-195.

Email 5:
After Priority Citadel II (Citadel Coup)
Requirements: Gianna Parasini is still alive, Rachni are part of the Crucible project

Subject: Hey Shepard

Hey Shepard

Its Gianna here, and you wouldn’t believe where I am right now. After following up on some suspicious looking funds transfers, I’m managed to get on the Crucible as part of an internal security force. After they caught onto my investigation they almost locked me up, but it’s amazing where a girl can get mentioning your name.

The trouble is, there’s pretty much nothing to do. No corporate crime, no featherbedding or anything I’m used to. People are focussed on getting this thing running over anything else. Even if it freaked me out first time I saw one, I'm glad we've got Rachni crawling all over the place, sticking their feelers into places they shouldn't. They are particularly suited to getting into confined spaces, and understanding what makes things tick.Its a far cry from the troubles we saw on Noveria, even if it means more bugs in the vents.

They’ve not the only ones though. The Asari, who seem to know a lot about the Protheans, are really pitching in with analysis of the Crucible design.Usually you have to ferret information out of them, but they're making it easy this time. Everybody is doing their part, and not one of them seems interested in old grudges or private gain.

Even the Volus are getting in on the action. Usually I’m arresting these guys for corporate fraud, but a group of their scientists found out about some old crucible inscriptions held in a reaper controlled system. On the off chance that the writings might help, they sent in a biotic strike team. They did the math, knew it was near suicide, but went in anyway. Sadly all were lost, but they did get the information out before going off-line.

They knew what they were facing Shepard, and they still went. I’ve never seen such courage from those little bean counters. It’s enough to make a cop get all soft – if it wasn’t for the urgency of our mission.

Anyway, while its nice to share, I was hoping you might help me out once again. See, I like to keep informed, and there’s something juicy going on that nobody is sharing with us security types. But…we’ve got no booze, and those tech types just can’t stay quiet with a few drinks in them. I just know I can get them to talk if I have some decent grog. Send me a dozen cases of top shelf levo, and half a dozen cases of mid-shelf dextro and I should be able to find out what it is.

Hope you can help out – it’s not like you’re out saving the galaxy or anything.


PS: Really, send some booze. There is absolutely nothing to do!

When you get this email, you also have a new option at the Spectre terminal on the citadel to send her the liquor she requested.

Email 6:
After Priority: Rannoch
Requirements: None

Subject: CC Time Capsules

From: Dr. Liara T'Soni
To: Lt. Jeff Moreau
CC: Cmdr. Shepard


I am attaching all the necessary documentation on the time capsules we talked about earlier to this email. EDI also has been briefed on the details. Glyph and I have aquired help from Engineer Adams to incorporate the capsules into Normandy's planetary probes. This way, we can easily deploy a large number of them during our travels.
Once deployed, the probes are programmed to drill into the crust of any planet they are fired at, so that the capsules are stored underground. Beacons will remain on the surface but they will only emit a very weak signal. Should the worst come to pass, we have to assume that they have to remain undetected by the reapers for a very long period of time. Fortunately, the Normandy's stealth drive allows us to spread them all over the galaxy without attracting attention.

No one outside the Normandy's crew knows about this project and given the dangers of reaper indoctrination, it is imperative that we keep this secret as closely guarded as we can. You were on board during the Collector attack, weren't you? We have to make sure that that the reapers will never get a hold on this ship or it's crew again. Let us hope that all these precautions will be unnecessary but how does this human expression go again? Hope for the best but plan for the worst?


P.S.: As per your request I included a section on the "daredevil pilot" of the Normandy, although I am afraid, should anyone receive these messages in 50.000 years, they will be confused by the comparison to whoever this "Evel Knievl" is.

Email 7:
After Priority: Horizon
Requirements: Kasumi is working on the Crucible, Rachni are on the Crucible, Salarians joined the war effort

Subject; Hi there

Hi Shep!

Thought you might want to know how much fun its been working on the crucible. Its much more exciting than I first thought, as there are so many secrets to be found out if you happen to like a bit of snooping. One bit of information has the high up people so awed and scared they're not even willing to discuss it with their own teams. People whispering and having closed door meetings and the like, all very secret.

Well, that's just too much for a thief of my skills, so I've been getting into all sorts of places to find out more...and its really big news, as the crucible has a few tricks up its sleeve that we weren't supposed to know about.

Sure, people have been planning this thing for a long time, trying to build something to stop the reapers, but it was always odd that the reapers would not catch on and just erase any data related to it. Well, it seems they did know, and that they had a fail-safe in place, so that if the thing got built, something would activate in the crucible that would stop it working as a weapon. Its something buried so deep in the specifications, and such a little thing that it could easily be missed. Tricky squids and their indoctrination, they must have been manipulating this along with everything else!

Hah, bet they never thought that so many people would be working on this version. We've got Rachni crawling all over the place, sticking their feelers into places they shouldn't, passing on information to those clever Salarians. They in turn are consulting with the Asari, who seem to know a lot more about the Protheans than they let on before, so everybody is working together to combine their knowledge. So many species with so many different insights, and while the big meetings are boring (especially if you have to sit in an air vent to hear it all!) they have a purpose as we may have figured out how the thing really works, and how to avoid any last minute surprises or traps.

All this duplicity and trickery makes a good thief giddy with excitement, and I just had to share it with you. The thing is, none of it would have been possible if you hadn't brought folks together, so I thought you should know.

Take care out there Shep.

ta ta


Email 8:
After Priority: Cerberus Headquarters
Requirements: Completed Grissom Academy Emergency Evacuation

Subject: Final progress report


This will probably be my last transmission before we go into battle, so I want to thank you for all your work in bringing our teams together. I truly don't know if we've done enough, but with so many minds looking at the crucible, we've given it our best shot.

The effect of using the crucible is still largely an unknown, but we've placed firewalls on certain interfaces, and entirely isolated subsystems that seemed suspicious to our techs. While we cannot be sure that the Reapers did do anything to the schematics, we've been extra careful to try and keep what looks like weapons tech, while eliminating anything we don't understand. How effective we've been remains to be seen, but at least we've done everything we can to ensure it has no nasty surprises for us.

Even though we've done our best in this regard, the crucible is still a highly complex and delicate structure, vulnerable to even the slightest damage. Luckily, I just have to look out the window at the fleets massing to feel some confidence that we can deliver it intact. I only hope that there are enough of them out there to do the job.

A few of the teams have also volunteered to stay on board until the crucible docks with the citadel, and I think I might join them. That way, we can continue to adjust the interfaces until the last minute and maybe even deal with any latent trickery by the reapers. Special Forces teams will be there as protection, and to help in any evacuation, although we have no idea if that will even be possible once the thing fires up.

The courage of the teams involved is humbling, and makes me proud to be a part of this undertaking. David was right to place his faith in you Shepard, because we owe this attitude to the example that you have provided. Your ability to forge an effective team from disparate species or to hammer out a resolution to conflict has been an inspiration to all. Once again, thank you for all that you have done. So much of this has been possible due to your efforts, and no matter how things turn out, we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

Kahlee Sanders
Project Lead
Systems and Synthetic Intelligence Team

And that's it. Again, huge thanks to frypan for writing the emails and for capturing the characters so well.

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Re: Emails

Postby Blad3Zer0 » 09 Dec 2013, 12:08

It's a shame that the one written in your honor is the one that doesn't show up. At least it can be fixed.

Out of curiosity, would it be possible to implement a series of sequences that makes Gianna Parasini a war asset if you sent her the liquor?
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Re: Emails

Postby The Fob » 10 Dec 2013, 01:27

Possibly. I haven't looked into war assets too much but I know that the Thane mod will have new war assets, so I guess it's possible. Nice idea to look into for v0.5. Thanks!

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Re: Emails

Postby barddoc1992 » 03 Sep 2014, 17:11

Any chance you might make the emails available as a standalone at some point? I enjoy MEHEM, especially when playing a Shep who feels particularly committed to a LI, but I like to experience different endings on different playthroughs and so don't always use it. But I miss the emails when I don't go for the happy ending.
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