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How would BSN rate this?!?

General chat about Mass Effect or otherwise.

How would BSN rate this?!?

Postby The Fob » 01 Jul 2016, 17:28

Hoe you guys have heard of Elon Musk and the simulation theory. Just came across this hilarious article and since I don't have any real life gamer friends and the off topic section of BSN is closed, I'll have to share it here:

http://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-sh ... mod-latest

So how would the typical BioWare fan react to this game?
I'd say criticism would include:
- More emphasis on graphics than substance
- Controls are too cumbersome and clumsy (why do we actually have to exercise to have proper control over the PC)
- Pacing of the story is crap (too much time passes between significant progress in the plot)
- Too much filler content
- What's with the survival mechanics? (Sleep in real time, seriously?)
- No race selection for the PC and the character creator is completely unpredictable, they should really include the option to change appearance during gameplay
and of course most important:
- The romance minigame is unrealistic (really, just swipe right until you have a match, that's too simplistic). Well, at least they included all gender preferences this time

Did I miss anything? :D
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The Fob
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Re: How would BSN rate this?!?

Postby CreeperLava » 01 Jul 2016, 18:11

Sure, there are lots of things to criticize, but being able to create your own games in Reality is quite the interesting feature. Someday, someone will develop Reality inside Reality. They're already getting close with VR. Not sure if this was planned by the developpers ?
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Re: How would BSN rate this?!?

Postby Deager » 01 Jul 2016, 20:00

Heh, Elon Musk. I can only think of The Matrix which then makes me think, "Woah."
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