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Ideas for New Missions

User-centric area to discuss ideas and request mods. Toolset modders may also float ideas for new mods here; if pursued, the thread can be relocated to Mods in Development.

Ideas for New Missions

Postby Sil » 15 Jun 2016, 20:16

I am pretty new to all of this (I may have had a thread years ago but I've only just returned to have a look again, wow, big changes here now!) but I do know that adding in a level is a rather monumental achievement at the moment and as far as I can tell, no-one has managed to do it 100% successfully. I hope one day that changes and from that we get a whole bunch of new levels being added, but for now I'm posting this thread.

The idea for this thread is to come up with new missions for the game, planning them as -if- modders could add new levels. My plan for this is to come up with new missions but also to try and assign some of the current ME3 assignments to maps from the trilogy. Why am I doing this? Partly because I love modding but can't get involved in this due to how technical it is, but also because it may turn out that one day maps are added to the game and this thread may give ideas to those nodders about what to add or use. I suppose this in some ways is a dream mission thread, but anyway, here goes on my first one, it is a simple one in its scope but my other ones will be more outlandish:

Name = An Exodus from Thessia
Map File Used = Firebase Goddess
Pre-Requisite = Priority: Thessia
Characters = Samara, one other character from your crew
Objectives = Survive 8 Waves of Collector troops. Will start off relatively easy with Collector Drones as the early waves, before exploding upwards in danger as more and more collectors arrive, as well as more dangerous ones. Have Harbinger possess Collectors for the last wave to make this additionally difficult to survive.

Description = Thessia has fallen to the Reapers and it is looking likely that the Asari will become an endangered species as so many others have. Their fate seems to be sealed with the arrival of a Black Ark in the skies above the southern hemisphere; the Collectors are harvesting the city-states at their leisure. Justicar Samara, with the support of the Council, is leading a rescue mission to try and save as many refugee's as you can. Shepard is tasked with holding the epicentre of the southern capital to draw the gaze of the Collectors, with the hopes that it will buy time to save as many innocent lives as possible.

Rewards = Asari Volunteer (Positive)s: The liberation of so many Asari from Thessia has seen a marked increase in the numbers of their kind volunteering to fight on the front lines. Many of these recruits are survivors of Thessia longing for the chance to get vengeance for the genocide against them.

Transport Shuttles (Positive): The Council has gifted many of the shuttles used in the Thessian Exodus to the war effort in the hope that more innocents can be saved on the front lines of the Reaping.

Indoctrinated Saboteurs (Negative): In a war against the Reapers it is inevitable that some will have their minds corrupted into serving the immense machines as their spies. Some of the Asari rescued from Thessia have shown signs of indoctrination, and there have been incidents of others attempting to destabilise the war-effort.
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Re: Ideas for New Missions

Postby FemShep » 17 Jun 2016, 22:36

Does anyone know how enemies are spawned in ME3? I know there is a spawn command that is internally used (not console available). Are enemies only spawned when a new BioD file is loaded? E.g. "waves" like at the end of Eden prime there are multiple "wave files" of enemies.
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Re: Ideas for New Missions

Postby SirCxyrtyx » 17 Jun 2016, 23:22

Pretty sure enemy spawning is done in kismet. For an example, take a look at BioD_Cat002_220Cannibals.pcc with the sequence editor. There are SFXSeqActAIFactory2 objects that look like they do the spawning.
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Re: Ideas for New Missions

Postby Sil » 18 Jun 2016, 08:27

Couldn't a cloned and then tweaked version of the file used by the Armax Arena be used to produce waves?
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