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Postby giftfish » 23 Feb 2015, 20:50

Ugh, I hate templates. But they are a necessary evil.

At any rate, I've done a lot of work today trying to get the various "info box" templates looking better. Note that I don't mean Wikia's definition of infoboxes (think planet descriptions on the ME wiki). I'm referring to the various "horizontal bar-ish" boxes I've designed that alert the reader to various things (tips, warnings, authors, etc). These are now technically tables, which results in the icons staying nicely separate from the text. The text will now neatly wrap adjacent to the icon as the browser window changes size.

All boxes have been slightly redesigned and a few new ones added. Backgrounds are different colors (not gray). I've made the colors relatively unsaturated, so they aren't too loud. There are two new boxes: Bugs and "Do Not Enter," the latter used for articles under construction or broken tools.

Boxes color-coding is as follows:

  • Purple -- bugs
  • Red -- Do not Enter (broken tool or article under construction)
  • Green -- user tips
  • Yellow -- attention/warning
  • Orange -- coder needed
  • Gray -- article credit
  • Blue -- developer/coder authorship

Examples of most boxes can be seen on the WIP ModMaker article, here:

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