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[PORTED] Mass Effect 2 "mod as DLC"

Made by modders for modders. Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve specific modding goals with ME3Explorer. We *strongly* encourage you to post new tutorials on the wiki.

Re: Tutorial: Mass Effect 2 "mod as DLC"

Postby Deager » 14 May 2015, 03:14

The Fob wrote:Deager, can also confirm that Illium works great. Thanks heaps!
Quick question about the BioEngine.ini: Did you just save this in notepad++ or did you have to do anything else (like the ME2 Coalesced which has to be put through Gibbet's fixer)?

Just notepad++. To think what we could have done a lot earlier in ME3 if they hadn't changed everything!

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Re: [PORTED] Mass Effect 2 "mod as DLC"

Postby giftfish » 20 Feb 2017, 23:45

This tutorial has been ported to the wiki:

http://me3explorer.wikia.com/wiki/Makin ... s_Effect_2
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