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ME3 DLC Patcher

Non-toolset utilities for the ME Trilogy developed by community coders. Note: Restricted to coder- or modder-oriented tools. User-oriented tools belong where they can be adequately supported (e.g., Nexusmods).

Re: ME3 DLC Patcher

Postby eezonaut » 04 Dec 2015, 15:05

Idiotgamer wrote:I know this is a stupid question but I am new to modding and I have been looking around for the answer to this question for over a week and I can not find it anywhere on the web.

For most of the mods I want to use the instructions tell me to install something called Warranty Voider's ME3 DlC patcher and they contain a link to this thread. I then follow the link in this thread to a zipped file download called binkw32, so I download and unzip it. Aft that I am stuck. It seems the file unzips into two text documents full of code, but there is nothing with them or with any of the instructions I can can find anywhere on the web telling me what to do with these two text documents. I am sorry if this seems dumb and believe me I feel like an idiot for having to ask but from what I understand these documents are supposed to go somewhere in the game's code so I stop failing the DLC check when I a start a new game. I would just like to ad that I have paid for all my DLC so I am not trying to get something for free, I am just trying to get some of the mods to work. The trouble is that everyone already seems to know how to get these files to work and since I came to modding so late(I have been into Mass Effect for years just never tried any mods besides HEMOD before now)there don't seem to be any instructions out there about what I do next.

I am sorry to bug you all with something so stupid but if there is some sort of guide out there telling me how to run these files could you please point me to it? I am at the end of my rope here, all I have is two text documents and no idea what to do with them or how to run them. I even tried running them through every program I could find on ME3 Explorer, but none of them seem to see these documents, let alone be able to do anything with them, if anyone out there can help I would be grateful.

Thank you for your time.

All you have to do is copy those two unzipped files into your "Mass Effect 3 -> Binaries -> Win32" directory, (overwriting originals if any).
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Re: ME3 DLC Patcher

Postby Idiotgamer » 04 Dec 2015, 17:35

Okay, thanks a bunch. I feel so stupid for not being able to figure that out but now that I have tried it, that works like a charm, so great job.

Can't believe I was so stupid I spent I week on this and didn't figure out the answer was that simple.

Thanks again.
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Re: ME3 DLC Patcher

Postby CreeperLava » 04 Dec 2015, 18:25

Hey, please stop insulting yourself !^^
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Re: ME3 DLC Patcher

Postby HexWall » 09 Feb 2016, 04:44

Hi, I recently found mods that needed your dll. I used them but when I launch the game im stuck in the loading screen and I have to force close it. I had a back up of the original dll. I put it back, removed mods and still stuck. I reinstall, everything ok, I put your dlls and its freezes again. What happened? I have a cracked version of the game
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