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Postby zezaomachado » 27 Mar 2014, 16:57

1- Sorry by the ignorance, but I've been traslating the ME3 dlc's using the MEExplorer, and while opening any specific sfar file, I noticed its equivalents bin codes at the right screen. It's obvious, think anyone damn already knows it. And

2- The purpose and aim is as follows, though I think it's very easy to do with a little knowledge. I'm still a bit... lamer, not a nerd yet.

Is there a simple way to make a script, exe... whatever.. to change those specific range of codes, tlk files specifically of the sfar file, automatically with the exe file and the ones concerning to a specific paste that I've sent to anyone to change the dialog subtitles in their machines?
That would allow me post it for anyone who'd like the dlcs in my language, make the same in their machines. And of course I wouldn't have to post, uploading 6gb up to the clouds.
Anyone could help?
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