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ME3Explorer Discord Server

19 Dec 2016, 03:46

ME3Explorer Discord Server

So, yeah, we're on Discord. Wewt.

Here's the deal:

--Instant Invites are restricted to Admins for now.
--Text channels are for everyone.
--Voice channels are restricted to established forum members.

When using Discord, please keep your conversations in the relevant channel. This will help ensure folks who want to have focused discussions in specific channels are able to do so. We'll try out the current assortment of channels for a little while and if we end up needing more, we can do that :)

We're really hoping that this is used by modders, especially. Modding with the toolset is complicated and communicating concepts via forum posts takes time. Communicating via IM or voice is a much more efficient way to go.


FYI, we know that Freeforums has been less than reliable of late. We're chatting about that, and this should compensate a bit :)

Re: ME3Explorer Discord Server

19 Dec 2016, 03:51


Re: ME3Explorer Discord Server

19 Dec 2016, 10:26

Good idea ! I also created a discord for ALOT a few weeks ago, it's a great way of communicating easily with the userbase.

On freeforums, do we have a backup of all forum posts somewhere ?
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