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Re: [Released] ME3Recalibrated

04 Jan 2017, 08:17

Yeah, lots of inconsistencies and plot holes all around. You would think they forgot alien races existed while making ME3. Since most other alien races are missing, or just barely there, C-Sec or civilian. I mean, where are all the Krogans? Were they banned from Citadel after ME2? Where are all the Elcors, Drells? No Quarian on pilgrimage? Are they not doing that anymore? Not to mention, where are all the Keepers!!! I mean, in ME1 and ME2 you couldn't walk around 5 steps without hitting one of these guys. Where did all of them go?

On another matter, I never understood why we couldn't visit Citadel locations from ME1 and ME2 in ME3.. (same goes with locations from ME1 in ME2) Only exception to this, at one point you get to visit Council chambers to chat with Citadel Council members, but even that is just a cutscene (you can't walk around at all) and isn't the actual map, just a screenshot of the map placed behind the Citadel Council members. I mean, there is absolutely no reason why this should happen.

This probably can't be fixed without moving all three games into a different engine (I am not going to say that will never happen, but it is very improbable if not impossible), but still, it is worth mentioning while we are on the subject of ME3 nonsense..

(On that subject though, have you seen this?)
(Sorry if I am littering your thread, not my intention.)

Re: [Released] ME3Recalibrated

04 Jan 2017, 11:08

No Quarian on pilgrimage?

This, at least, is explained by events in the game; and their curious absence is addressed explicitly in dialogues early in the game as a rare bit of foreshadowing.

But in any other case, you're right: the Citadel looks like a human station open to aliens - and not like the hub of the known galactic civilizations.

We can't switch the focus of the plot, but it'd be nice if the environment showed as much as possible that while the focus on Earth is due to the origin of the main protagonist, the picture is indeed much bigger.

Speaking of awkward camera work: Kallini, Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

When you meet Samara for the first time, the dialogue shows blank walls and not the faces a couple of times while Shepard or his team are speaking. AFAIK, this is a mission that is not changed by other content mods, so it could be added to the to-do-list?

BTW, one bug that still annoys me - and was one of the many ignored by Bioware despite plenty of complaints at that time: the notorious "Catwalks Charge Bug" in the Omega DLC:

Re: [Released] ME3Recalibrated

04 Jan 2017, 20:54

@thommal -- Kallini is fixed by ME3Re. Scene bugs on Samara's mission definitely could be fixed. It's a matter of time and manpower :)

Re: [Released] ME3Recalibrated

05 Jan 2017, 11:30

giftfish wrote:@thommal -- Kallini is fixed by ME3Re. Scene bugs on Samara's mission definitely could be fixed. It's a matter of time and manpower :)

Sigh.. You completely ignored my post... and I thought it was awesome... I don't blame you but...

I still think it was awesome.

Re: [Released] ME3Recalibrated

05 Jan 2017, 11:49

@giftfish, ah yes, I should have realized that Kallini was too polished to be the product of Bioware alone. ;)

After a hiatus from ME3, this is the first time that I play it with all major mods in place, and quite often I wished there was a splitscreen that showed me the before and after simultanously.

The content-adders are obvious, even if you haven't played for a while, but ME3Re usually "just" turns a bumpy ride into a smooth one, and the effect is more a "Hm, that went much better than expected .."

Damn, now I need to know: I'm going to deactivate ME3Re and play through the mission again to actually see the difference ..
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