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03 Nov 2015, 22:14 #1

So, yeah, another mod. This one is *not* going to be enormous and take a year to develop, however!

The Gist
ME3 Recalibrated is going to be an extremely lore-friendly DLC mod in the flavor of the "Unofficial Patches" for TES (The Elder Scrolls). I say "in the flavor", b/c we're talking on a much smaller scale. The basic idea is it will be a modest-sized mod full of high-quality fixes for bugs, lore faux pas, poorly-written dialogue (not LI or Thane related!), and NPC appearances. There will be an emphasis on enriching the game experience for imported characters and creating consistency across all three games. Immersion is the name of the game.

This will be a multi-author mod. Rather than release these fixes separately, they will be combined. DLC mods are great, but the more there are the more complicated things get. Throwing all these fixes into the same mod makes things easier for users to manage and reduces compatibility issues, which makes our lives as modders easier.

Scope + Technical Details
I've added this separate section on scope as questions come up. Expect this to grow.

Edits for ME3Re should meet the following requirements:
  • 100% immersive (no bugs/wonkiness... this is what we're trying to fix!)
  • Single-player content
  • Bugfixes, poor writing/dialogue, cut content restoration (this might need discussion), lore inconsistencies (NPC appearances fit here), or minor lore-centric enhancements
  • Fixing broken powers is okay, as long as it's not going to cause conflicts. Please make the fixes to all affected DLC; folks will download and install them as needed.
  • Avoid edits to core files that could cause incompatibilities (BioD_Nor.pcc, SFXGame.pcc, etc)
  • Avoid edits to Beam run and later files to avoid conflicts with ending mods & ThaneMOD
  • Avoid edits to most Citadel DLC files to avoid conflicts with CEM
  • Avoid edits to LI content to avoid conflicts with BO & ThaneMOD
  • Avoid edits to the galaxy map and cabin to avoid conflicts with GMM
So, "enhancements" are a possibility (this is unlike the USKP, for example), but they would have to be very, very minor and extremely lore-centric. For example, if it was possible to overhaul the quest log to make it more like ME2, or simply improve the quest log to make some quests easier to follow. An unacceptable enhancement would be removing the child from the beginning of the game (though, I'd personally like this, lol). An example of an acceptable cut content restoration would be if SirCxyrtyx wanted to include his Ken/Gabby recruitment mod in ME3Re. There's really no debate that it's stronger and contributes more to the story than the email in the vanilla game.

ME3Re will be hosted on Nexusmods, only. All authors will receive admin (file permission) rights on Nexusmods once the mod is released. We're all busy, so my expectation is that anyone who contributes content will take responsibility for monitoring and addressing any bugs relevant to their files. My guess is this will be minimal, since we're keeping things simple :)

Current Content
My hope is to release ME3Re v1.0 concurrently with BackOff, since some BO content is being relocated to this mod. More content may be added prior to release. I'll update this OP as needed.
  • Adjustment for awkward endgame shuttle dialogue between Shepard/Anderson (JohnP)
  • Post-Thessia wrap up dialogue with Hackett/Anderson fixed to not imply the loss of Thessia was Shepard's fault (JohnP)
  • Minor Prologue:Earth trial dialogue edits (JohnP)
  • Edits for child & Anderson dialogue during Prologue: Earth (JohnP)
  • Normandy escape from Earth alternate follow up scene (giftfish; relocated file from BackOff)
  • First meeting with Bailey; alternate opening for imports and other edits (giftfish; relocated file from BackOff)
  • First Council meeting; final comment from Liara removed (giftfish; duplicated file from BackOff)
  • Kelly Chambers/Felicia Hannigan makeover (giftfish, duplicate file from BackOff)
  • Fix for Salarian Special Tasks Group and Major Kirrahe war assets (AVPen)
  • TLK fix for wrong name in Journal for Mesana: Ardak Yakshi Monastery (Kinkojiro)
  • BIN fix for swapped locations of Shadow Broker Assets (Kinkojiro)
  • Ashley Marksman power fix; includes CitDLC, CE DLC, FA DLC (AVPen)
  • Fixed idles for Kaidan/Ash on the Presidium; no more drinking motions w/o glasses in hand (giftfish; duplication from BackOff)
  • Fixed nonsensical Normandy security checkpoint guard dialogue post-coup (giftfish)
  • Fixed galaxy map bug that highlights Aequitas on Minos Wasteland as having a quest post Admiral Koris (giftfish)
  • Removed Anderson's name drop about "Grayson" post-Coup, as if Shepard knows who he's talking about (giftfish)
  • Added Kelly's name to the Citadel map, when present (giftfish)

Planned Content
Depending on when it's completed, the content below may be included in v1.0 or a later release. Please note that future releases are not on a specific schedule and will only occur if enough additional material is modded to warrant pushing another release:
  • Donnel Udina makeover (giftfish)
  • Matriarch Aethyta makeover (giftfish)
  • Captain Armando Bailey makeover (giftfish)
  • Possible Hanar Diplomat dialogue fixes (Deager)
  • Possible Aria Omega DLC dialogue fixes (Fob)



Other mod authors are welcome and encouraged to submit additional edits to include in ME3Re. The only constraint is they must fit the scope of the mod (see above). If you're interested, just post here or toss me a PM.


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03 Nov 2015, 22:45 #2

Sounds fantastic! Thanks heaps guys.

One thing that is a really obvious muck-up is of course Aria's totally weird speech in the Omega DLC. There is just everything wrong in it, timing, animations, character relocations, etc.

Always wanted to have a look at this. If I ever get around to it, I'd be happy to add this. If someone else does it before me, all the better. :D

The Fob
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03 Nov 2015, 23:15 #4

Ah, no, sorry, I just modded his hair, as described in the other thread.
I would also really suck at modding any more subtle features of his (or any) face, since my facial recognition skills are so bad that I didn't even realize something was wrong with him in the first place until you pointed it out. :)
So I'm afraid I won't be very helpful with this one.

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04 Nov 2015, 06:17 #6

A new mod, yay ! This sounds like a must-have for my next playthrough^^.
What does "makeover" involve ? What is wrong with their faces ?

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04 Nov 2015, 15:04 #8

I like the bugfixes/lorefixes part of the mod, but I'm not sure everyone will like changes you make to character's textures. I know I won't be sure until I see screenshots of your changes. Maybe you could split the mod in 2 independent parts ?

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04 Nov 2015, 22:28 #10

What about fixing shockwave radius bug? I've heard that got fixed by someone years ago (not with me3explorer "mysteriously")

I never saw the files for it though.

I love how omega's trailer shows part of the speech correctly but in the game its animation is absolutely terrible.

I noticed in some vidcomm with Anderson and hackett Anderson puts his arms through the grenades strapped to his chest. The animation seems to assume those don't exist. His arm just kinda disappears.
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