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MEHEM | Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod

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Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby giftfish » 24 Jul 2014, 13:55

@Blad3Zero -- But have you actually done this? I worked off of the MEHEM 0.3 installer script when building ThaneMOD's v1.0 installer, so I am somewhat familiar with how it works. What I"m not sure of right now is if it aborts the uninstall, if it will actually remove the registry entry or not. Or, if the uninstallation will even successfully revert the sfar if it's been extracted.

Maybe I should try posting on BSN, since there's a bigger pool of folks over there. I'm about to re-write the ThaneMOD install guide for the impending release and it's important that I know what actually happens. I don't want to lead people down the wrong path reverting their installs to vanilla or when it comes to scanning DLC for texture modification after the install.

Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby Blad3Zer0 » 24 Jul 2014, 22:51

I have done it, multiple times, since I seem to screw up on an unrelated mod installation at one point or another. I had to do it twice last night alone. I can confirm that it removes the registry entry. I don't know if it will revert the sfar, since I always just delete the Mass Effect 3 folder with the modded files and drag in a vanilla backup.

After utilizing all the necessary uninstall programs, of course.
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Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby giftfish » 24 Jul 2014, 23:06

Blad3Zer0 wrote: I don't know if it will revert the sfar, since I always just delete the Mass Effect 3 folder with the modded files and drag in a vanilla backup.

LOL. Ok, well, thanks for confirming that part for me. I posted on BSN earlier anyway. Maybe someone will let me know what happens with the sfar :)

Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby Glutzahn » 27 Jul 2014, 10:45

hey folks,
Today I checked the bad mehem ending and this time I need A LOT of help, because it is really hard to get the lines (because f the fading between the lines) and there are a lot more lines then in the other endings and they're a lot harder to understand than in the other file:

*= I should be able to find them

hackett: nothing is happening *
hackett: the crucible is not fireing *
officer: it's taking to much damage, sir ??:it's becoming unstable in this stage....
joker: commander(screamed) do you... comander(normal)...
joker: oh no
Shep?: yes, people will die, maybe we will lose half the galaxy maybe more, but i will do what ever it takes....
Liara: if been thinking about the knowledge we were gathering about the reapers and how easyly it could be lost again. I put a plan in motion to preserve tings for the future
Liara: Casing these records in time capsels and seeding them on multiple planets
EDI: ...allowing us to remain undetected
Liara: .. galaxy infomation on the reapers, relays, dofferent cultures
EDI:... Normandy sensors on my... my fate will be simiar to the indoctrinates
Joker: ... loyal to the reapers
???: taking people alive
vigil(or an other porthean AI): indoctrinated....became sleeper agents....they betryed them to the machines
EDI: secrets of the normany
Shep?: Maybe we can't win this but we will fight...
???: we're behind you ...
???: we need to end thi swar
???: ...somone who values the life o fhis men..........
???: you were ment to be here
EDI: I want you to know I will be never part of the reaper force
Garrus: both dying in a ggiant explosion taking out a reaper
Shep?: Each of you...willing to die to win the game? anything less and youre already dead
Joker you were damm right commander
traynor: let's go blow them to hell
Joker: Adams, were going in
Adams: core overload ... and ready. Give'em hell, sir

video file
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Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby WarrantyVoider » 27 Jul 2014, 13:12

theres a tool called subtitle scanner (dev tools/dialog) to find where subtitles are stored

greetz WV
always backup your files!
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Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby Glutzahn » 31 Jul 2014, 12:33

the Problem is there are no subtitles in this part it's just a video which is played. If there where, it would have been easy to find them and copy them, but in this case I can only imagine from listening to that part which is sometimes really hard, but anyways thank you.
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Re: Emails

Postby barddoc1992 » 03 Sep 2014, 17:11

Any chance you might make the emails available as a standalone at some point? I enjoy MEHEM, especially when playing a Shep who feels particularly committed to a LI, but I like to experience different endings on different playthroughs and so don't always use it. But I miss the emails when I don't go for the happy ending.
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Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby giftfish » 22 Dec 2014, 00:59

I've already sent Fob a PM about this, but I might as well ask some of the other devs around here (especially JohnP and Deager), as well:

Has anyone converted MEHEM v0.4 to a DLC mod for their own personal use? It would be very, very handy to have for mod testing purposes.

I'm about to convert it myself (with the exception of the credits music since that's a giant pain in the ***) and might as well save myself some work if someone has already converted it. If anyone has, please PM me a zipped copy of all DLC-specific files (coalesced, TLK, bin, one or both AFCs). I'll handle the Mount.dlc and Default.sfar since I'd likely need to adjust mount priority anyway.

Thanks :)

Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby Autoola » 08 Feb 2015, 02:00

(new to ME, newer to ME-Modding, newest to me3explorer.freeforum)
does Glutzahn still need help with the bad ending? I guess the conversation has been finished via pm. But I´ve found where those lines are located and extracted them, so I can give them to her (or The Fob).
And a big thank you to WarrantyVoider and the cool tool called subtitle scanner! ;-)

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Re: MEHEM general discussion

Postby The Fob » 08 Feb 2015, 02:29

Oh, hi Autoola, I could definitely use those. I am afraid everything got a bit delayed with the German version (my fault) but if you have the files, it'd be great if you could send them to me (I'll pm you). Thanks!
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The Fob
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