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Most Immersive Retexture Ever

General chat about Mass Effect or otherwise.

Most Immersive Retexture Ever

Postby CreeperLava » 05 Apr 2016, 20:44

I present to you my retexture of the 'CoffeeMaker01_Emis' texture, in all it's magnificent 8192x8192 resolution. You will never see the lights of the coffee machine in the same way, ever (the emis texture manages the glow). A new era of texture mods is coming. And best of all, it works for both ME2 and ME3 !

Download here. Don't be fooled by the small download size, 7z just doesn't recognize all the work that has gone into this upscaling and thinks it is just some white circles on a black background, easily compressible. Wrong, obviously, there's so much more to it !

Joke aside, this was just a test I wanted to make, to see if the game could handle 8k resolution. And the answer is no, it can't. Neither ME3Explorer nor Texmod seem to support 8k, which renders this "mod" pointless :(. I'll put a report on github, but it's definitely not a priority to fix it, if it can be fixed^^.
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Re: Most Immersive Retexture Ever

Postby KFreon » 06 Apr 2016, 02:59

Mate, those coffee machine lights sure perked me up in the morning.
The 8k issue could put us in some hot water later down the track, but for now we don't need the jolt.
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Re: Most Immersive Retexture Ever

Postby The Fob » 06 Apr 2016, 05:05

Well, looks like you take your coffeemakers just like your coffee ... black! :| ... ;) ... :) ... :D

Aaaanyway, I sure would have liked an 8k textured caffeemaker. Unfortunately, I think this is a limitation by the unreal engine 3. I tried using insane high resolution textures for earth when making those new videos for MEHEM and IHJ's Harby mod in UDK. Alas, Unreal wouldn't have it and thus, whenever the Normandy gets too close to earth, it gets blurry.
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