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Need Help? | Visit the New ME3Explorer Wiki

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Need Help? | Visit the New ME3Explorer Wiki

Postby giftfish » 16 Jul 2015, 01:01

The NEW ME3Explorer Wiki

URL | http://me3explorer.wikia.com/wiki/ME3Explorer_Wiki
Admins | Fog.Gene and Giftfish

While we intended to wait until construction on all articles for mod users was complete to formally announce the new wiki, it's probably better we do it sooner rather than later. So, here it is... the new ME3Explorer Wiki :]

As everyone knows, the old wiki was extremely outdated. So much so, that the information was no longer reliable and people basically forgot it was there. With WikiSpaces' movement from a free to payment-based model, it gave us the opportunity to move the wiki and start over. The new wiki has three goals.

The primary goal is to explain how to use the toolset. To synthesize information spread across forum posts into one cohesive and organized source. This should make using the toolset less intimidating, minimize confusion, and reduce time spent troubleshooting and searching the forums for answers. It should make things easier for mod users and creators, as well as toolset developers. The wiki is now the "authority" on tool use and will be kept updated as the toolset evolves.

The second and third goals are to manually transfer all relevant information from the old wiki, and to update and add to that knowledge base using information posted on these forums. This will be an ongoing, long-term project that can be contributed to by all modders in the community.

Navigation of the new wiki should be intuitive: it's organized like the toolset. There are User Tools (for mod users) and Developer Tools (for mod creators). Likewise, there are User Resources (like the Setup Guide) and there are Developer Resources (like information on PCC structure).

All wiki categories (i.e., User Tools) and all main "tool articles" are easy to find and accessible directly from a Table of Contents on the home page. We've tried hard to make sure things aren't "buried."

If you see a red link on the wiki, it means the article hasn't been created yet. There are many, many red links for Developer Tools and Resources, as the wiki is still under construction and will be so for a while. However, all articles for User Tools and Resources are complete save for the TPF Tools article. I'll be getting to it soon.

It's very, very important to realize that the wiki articles should now be used in lieu of various articles on these forums. For example, Otte's Setup Guide while great is now outdated; it's been placed on the wiki, expanded, and updated. The same goes for Kfreon's tool usage tutorials and FAQs by WV & Otte. Basically, if it's something you've referenced frequently on the forums, it should already be on the wiki :] Well... unless you're a developer, lol.

WikiSpaces didn't have the most user-friendly GUI. Wikia's is much, much better. Due to this, I really want to encourage folks to start posting their tutorials on the wiki rather than the forum. There's nothing wrong with posting them on the forum, but the wiki is more sustainable. If you as a tutorial creator ever leave the community and the methods in your tutorial become obsolete, posting it on the wiki ensures someone else can update it. The same thing can't be said about a forum thread, since only admins may edit posts. Please consider posting your new tutorials on the wiki rather than the forum. To ensure forumites see your new tutorial, leave a breadcrumb post in the tutorial section that leads to the article on the wiki :]

Anyone may edit the wiki! But, if you want to contribute, it's important to familiarize yourself with the Wiki Editor's Guide. Adhering to its guidelines will keep the wiki clean and consistent, and prevent the admins from having to go back and spend additional time reformatting your article.

As stated in the goals, the wiki has a very defined scope and much of it is already outlined on the homepage TOC. It's the "ME3Explorer Wiki", not the "ME3 Modding Wiki." Articles on the wiki should teach others how to use a specific ME3Exp tool, or provide information necessary to the use of those tools. Tutorials are also a good way to provide step-by-step examples on how to use the toolset to achieve a specific modding goal. More information on the scope of the wiki can be found in the Wiki section of these forums.


The old wiki will permanently shut down on 23 October 2015. Much of the old content still needs to be relocated to the new wiki. There's still a lot of work to be done, so if you want to pitch in, please let us know!

We hope the community enjoys the new wiki, and we look forward to others contributing! :)

--giftfish and Fog.Gene

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