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new emails; something obvious I'm missing

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Re: new emails; something obvious I'm missing

Postby Deager » 27 May 2016, 16:41

giftfish wrote:0 = message not sent
1 = message sent but not read
2 = message read by player

Checking that the mail integer is set to 0 ensures the email isn't sent multiple times. It's only sent if it hasn't already been sent :) A bit like checking if a plot bool is false and interpreting that as "this event hasn't happened yet".

Believe it or not, I actually remember that since, well, that whole "not testing the email for CEM Full properly" fiasco over a year ago. That's why when I get to testing this could get interesting to see if emails do show up multiple times or not. I can't imagine Bioware is just slapping in extra stuff into expressions for no reason. If that's the case, I guess I'll have to create something to control those...and here I am getting out of audio and sequence editing; not good. :D
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