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[Tutorial] Email Modding

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[Tutorial] Email Modding

Postby Inquiring » 15 Mar 2013, 21:59

You can do it like this (for one letter, for more just make the appropriate number of entries):
1. Open up the tlk editor for ME3. ME Explorer has it.
2. Create two new entries in the tlk file.

<data>Enter letter title here</data>
<data>Enter letter body here</data>

The numbers don't matter as long as they're unique (meaning no other entry has them) for their category (ID and Position)

Save and create the tlk file.

3. Open up bioui.ini from the Coalesced. I personally use gibbed's tool and my instructions will be for that. I also use notepad++ for the actual editing.

Scroll over to "sfxgamecontent.sfxguidata_mail_normandy": {

and insert this new entry line:

"(MailTitle=934217770, MailBody=934217771, MailStatePlot=9512348, SendConditional=1923, SmallImage=\"\")"

The last entry here needs to NOT have a comma (the other entries do need a comma).

The mailtitle and mailbody fields correspond to the entries you made in the tlk.
MailStatePlot can be any number as long as it's unique. Using a random long number is the easy way to do it.
SendConditional is the condition for which the mail is sent. I put 1923 which is the same conditional for the alert email you get from the Alliance at the start of the game, meaning by the time you can check emails in the first place.

Save the coalesced

4. Run the TOCBinUpdater in ME3 explorer.

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Re: Email Modding

Postby Renmiri » 17 Mar 2013, 23:11

You are an angel!!!

We have been wanting to do this for our Thane mod, you saved us a lot of work
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Re: Email Modding

Postby giftfish » 18 Jun 2014, 20:20

Couple other things I can add to this tutorial.

1. The MailStatePlot numbers in the Coalesced.bin may need to be consecutive. I noticed Inquiring had relocated a vanilla entry further down the list after changing the MailStatePlot associated with it. So, if folks have problems getting emails to work, definitely take a look at that.

2. The MailStatePlot is set to 0 if the message has not been sent. It is set to 1 when the mail is at the terminal, but is unread. It is set to 2 once the player reads it.

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Re: Email Modding

Postby AVPen » 20 Aug 2014, 03:22

Just an additional note that I discovered while doing some recent work on my MEWAM mod - you can actually change the order of how emails are listed under Shepard's email terminal. If you move an new email's entry row either up or down in the Coalesced, you can have your email appear higher or lower in the email list instead of just appearing at the bottom of the list.

For example, if you have a new email from Anderson that appears at the beginning of the game, you can raise that email's position in the list so it's above Hackett's "reinstatement" email, but below Hackett's "Spec Ops" email.
(you can get more specific on the email list placement by using the TLK file to determine which the emails entries are which in the Coalesced list)
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