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Info | About the New ME3Explorer Wiki

Help build and maintain the new ME3Explorer Wiki on Wikia.

Info | About the New ME3Explorer Wiki

Postby giftfish » 01 Jan 2015, 21:10

-- Welcome to the forum section for the new ME3Explorer Wiki --

Why make a new wiki?
Primarily, due to changes in WikiSpaces policies. They recently transitioned to a payment model for all non-educational institutions. In late September, Deager graciously paid the amount ($50) to cover the cost for the next twelve months. However, this cost will be ongoing, so the easiest (and cheapest) option is to move the wiki.

Why host on Wikia?
There's not a lot of options available that are free, don't limit page views, use a decent platform, and have a respectable amount of storage. Wikia meets all these criteria and has updated it's themes recently, so it's also relatively pleasant to look at. It's also a very popular platform, so longevity can be expected to a certain degree.

Is the wiki even worth moving? It was, er...pretty outdated.
Ah, very good point. While moving the wiki is "Phase 1," updating the wiki is "Phase 2."

What are the goals for the new wiki?
Primarily, to teach people how to use the toolset. Mod users still find the toolset very intimidating, partly b/c there's no single set of instructions anywhere. Instructions are scattered across different forum posts and can change with every SF/SVN update. Organizing this information on a wiki and linking the wiki to a "Help" menu option inside ME3Exp, should make solutions easier to find and lighten the help requests on the forum.

In order to fulfill the primary goal, we need to provide essential information about the game, delve into things like file structure, explain how to make DLC mods, and more. But, keep in mind when writing articles and making changes to current articles that the wiki is focused on using the toolset (to mod ME3) -- not modding ME3 in general. The latter is a different--and much larger--wiki :)

What's the URL?
ME3Explorer Wiki on Wikia (new wiki)
ME3Explorer Wiki on WikiSpaces (old wiki)

Who's running this dog and pony show?
Fog.Gene and Giftfish are the Admins of the new wiki and are handing the migration, but need your help. We can't do it alone.

What help is needed?
When Fog and I are looking for help with something specific, we'll make a thread in this section about the content.

But, generally, we need help with Developer Tool usage and technical content regarding the game files. I don't have any real technical knowledge about the files and Fog has been away from the toolset for awhile. We need help with determining what content from the old wiki is outdated, what the most current information is about those topics, and what information is completely missing from the old wiki and needs to be added.

The wiki has 4 major sections:
  • General Information --a hodgepodge of articles that apply to all folks using the toolset
  • User Tools -- Groomed after the new menu structure in ME3Explorer. Will contain instructions on User Tool function and use.
  • Developer Tools -- Groomed after the new menu structure in ME3Explorer. Will contain instructions on Developer Tool function and use.
  • Developer Resources -- An organized and fully-comprehensive infodump of all information we've acquired from researching files and modding the game. This will require going through all threads in the forum >.<

We can also relocate all the forum tutorials to the wiki, if we want. The wiki is a much more appropriate place for them since the tutorial can easily grow and be modified, if needed. On the forums we have to play the "reserve post" game if we think more space will be needed in the future, and if any procedure ever changes, only the OP can edit the tutorial. If that person goes AFK, then updates to the tutorial get lost in pages of posts.

Who can edit the wiki?
Anyone. You don't even have to be logged in, though that might change in the future if we want to prevent unwanted "tinkering." When editing or adding a page just follow the Style Guide (a WIP). It will prevent Fog and I from having to go have and "touch up" the page when you're finished. We've set up the basic structure already, so it should be fairly logical where your new article should go.

What if I don't want to edit the wiki directly?
If you don't want to edit it directly, just drop your article in the forums here and we'll get it on the wiki for you. NOTE: Do not post new research in the Wiki section. Keep posting that in the Research section. If it's research that can be incorporated into the wiki, just make a thread in the wiki forum with a link to your Research post.

When will it be finished?
Timeline is completely dependent on how many people pitch in to help. If it's mostly Fog.Gene and I doing the work it will take many, many months. Maybe more than a year. If folks post in the threads to share their knowledge, edit the wiki themselves, and help us dig through the forums to find all the important information, it will go MUCH more quickly.

In short...help us help you :)


Ok, that's it for now. I'll update this post as needed. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting!
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Re: Info: About the New ME3Explorer Wiki

Postby giftfish » 28 Jan 2015, 20:27

OP updated

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