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New ME2 Plot Bools Found

Semi-technical area to discuss content modding research and discoveries. Technical information necessary for coding tools should be posted in Technical Research on the Coders board.

New ME2 Plot Bools Found

Postby AVPen » 29 Mar 2015, 19:18

In my research for my MEWAM mod I've come across a number of previously unknown plot bools from the ME series, specifically bools in ME2:

ME2 plot bools
1. N7: Lost Operative assignment
5593 = data sent to Alliance
5594 = data sent to Cerberus
5595 = data sent to Normandy

2. N7: Javelin Missiles Launched assignment
4862 = colony city saved

3. Saving Dr. Daniel Abrams (Mordin's assistant on Omega)
799 = Daniel saved from Batarians

4. Gianna Parasini (ME2 Illium sidequest)
3150 = Gianna alive in ME2
3157 = helped Gianna in sidequest
3158 = screwed Gianna in sidequest

5. Lia'Vael nar Ulnay (quarian girl in "Citadel: Crime in Progress" sidequest)
2496 = completed quest

6. Kenn (quarian vendor on Omega)
3433 = bought Kenn a ticket off Omega

7. Firewalker DLC
5821 = played final mission level on Kopis
6206 = obtained prothean relic/sphere

8. Zaeed: Price of Revenge DLC
5980 = saved factory and workers

9. Citadel characters
2937 = meeting Bailey for the first time (aka, Shepard has met Bailey in ME2)

10. Ish (salarian on Omega looking for intel on Aria's gang)
3455 = accepted sidequest
3458 = found Illium package
3459 = gave Ish the Illium package
3460 = found Citadel package
3461 = gave Ish the Citadel package
3457 = gave Ish both data packages
3473 = told Anto about Ish

11. Suicide Mission
2851 = Jack as Biotic Escort
2859 = Samara as Biotic Escort
3319 = Morrinth as Biotic Escort
2849-50, 2852-58, 2860 = all other squadmates as Biotic Escort (even non-biotic characters, lol)
2884 = Tali as Tech Specialist
2880 = Legion as Tech Specialist
2881 = Kasumi as Tech Specialist
1832 = decided to work with Cerberus (Note: I'm not entirely sure what this is or what it affects, it is checked during the final conversation with the Illusive Man in the Epilogue - it doesn't seem to be affected by choosing to save/destroy the Collector Base, but I could be wrong)
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Re: New ME2 Plot Bools Found

Postby AVPen » 11 Apr 2015, 23:13

Added some more plot bools that I've recently found to the list, including several from the Suicide Mission.

EDIT: Though a bunch of searching and bool checking in save files, I managed to find the correct bools for the Ish sidequest - added the bools to the list.
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Re: New ME2 Plot Bools Found

Postby rusm0 » 05 May 2015, 23:49

I wish there was a comparison tool for ME3 like what ME2 had.
I have the gibbed dump files which has the script and conditionals, but its a pain to track down each decision that way.
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