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Troublesome texture alpha map

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Troublesome texture alpha map

Postby rusm0 » 16 Jun 2015, 05:16

So I updated about 170 textures on my game, and when I done and let loose an Overload or Energy Drain, I get this black square:


So yeah, I got sloppy and didn't check my updates more often for side effects after the first 50 (which were mainly locations anyway). Anyway, using Texmod, I was able to narrow the list of likely culprits down to the ones below.


Unfortunately, the black box does not turn green when highlighted. I even dug through the BIOVFX_Z_TEXTURES, but not getting very far. I know its likely an alpha channel got messed up, but any ideas on which? I know that there were reports of the Rebellion DLC causing this issue, but I had it installed prior to this and didn't have this problem.
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Re: Troublesome texture alpha map

Postby Kinkojiro » 17 Jun 2015, 03:57

Not knowing which textures you have changed it is a bit difficult.

However if you open SFXPower_Overload.pcc with PCCeditor then in the drop down Find box select Texture2D, press "Find" then you can go through all the textures this power calls.
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