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[Tutorial] Sequence Modding

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Re: Sequence Modding

Postby The Fob » 13 Mar 2013, 23:33

user2929 wrote:In simple words:with sequences - can you make a game to stream all the casual outfits as armors? Can you add more enemies to fight in a mission?

Casual outfits: Should be possible with a ToggleCombatPawn object (with the properties bUseCasualAppearance = true and a valid ForcedCasualAppearanceID, check the main sequence of MEHEM's BioD_End002_400Guardian.pcc for reference). Just need to find the right place to put it so that it gets activated in every single mission after Shep is switched to armor mode.

Enemies: Not sure. I mainly modded the ending so far. Not much gameplay there. I'll have to see how enemy placement and spawning is handled exactly but I guess it might very well be possible.
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