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Ashley texture and mesh modifications

Area for discussions related to meshes/models, 3D modeling programs, and the like. Can cross over into texture-related discussion. As with other non-toolset related areas, answers not guaranteed.

ME1 Textures to ME3 normal maps

Postby realsurvivor686 » 13 Feb 2014, 21:57

Am currently trying to replace the pink catsuit for Ashley from Me3 with the hazard armour from ME1.

This guy:

Using ME1 explorer I extracted the textures associated with the mesh (HMF_ARM_MEDc). However it appears the textures don't follow the format of ME3. the only 'diff' texture available is a stack version, which means it semi-translucent.

For the the hazard you have to combine at least 5 other textures, in order to get something. Note the amount of layers I had to create to get at the following composite

I managed to edit down to this:

And the shaded the image to yellow for the spec image (spec defines reflexivity, yellow is the mediumish range for reflectivity)

I used the default norm texture from the game, because norm textures scare me.

Unfortunately I got this:

My questions is this:
1. Is there a way to convert the "diff_stack" (semi translucent one) to a ME3 style Diff texture? If so how?

2. Are the problems seen in the images a result of the normal map? If so are there any good resources, using GIMP, that will show how to generate normal maps

3. Hazard armour in ME1 was only available via console editing. Has anyone noted a folder that contains such armour sets and their textures? Is there a way I can replicate the hazard armour from ME1 from textplorer (I searched for Medc, the associated mesh for it)?

A few tips or pointer would great

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Re: ME1 Textures to ME3 normal maps

Postby spectacledotter » 15 Feb 2014, 12:33

well, I'm not sure how much this will help, but: the armor you're looking to put in is also in ME2 (Tela Vasir wears it, as do a couple of other asari), and that's been successfully ported to ME3. GPG has a few versions on her site (http://girlplaysgame.com/mass-effect/ma ... hing-mods/), and ELE has put up the raw materials as a modder's resource on her site (http://elemods.blogspot.nl/2013/07/modd ... s-for.html). maybe if you use that as a basis for what you're trying to do, it may be more straightforward. ME2 seems more similar to 3 than 1 is in terms of modding, from what I've seen.
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Hiding hair under helmet for squadmates

Postby realsurvivor686 » 20 Apr 2014, 17:11

Hello All,

Am right now rejigging my mods to fit the latest SVN, when I ran into this unique problem:
- My old mods were based on the PCC transplant method. However issues arose when trying to rejig it to use on other's machines.
- The main reason why I used the PCC transplant method was that I could simply copy Ashley's hardsuit armour set (Ashley_01.pcc), rename it and manually edit it with textures (via asset explorer) and mesh (via meshplorer)

- Reason being is that there is something in the PCC's that determines when to hide squadmate's hair underneath their helmet (aka prevent Ashley's combat bun from poking out). The mesh doesn't determine whether or not to hide hair

- I must admit am a bit stumped as to how to make modmaker or PCC Editor to hide the squadmate's hair. I would really love some help in this regard in making a method that would work on the user's machines without involving intensive PCC editing.

Help would be appreciated:
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Re: ReplacingAshley's pink catsuit with Ajax armour.

Postby Captain Obvious au » 07 Aug 2015, 04:41

Sorry to reopen a dead thread, but was there any further progress with this? In pink/white it would suit her Spectre armour quite well.
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