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High-Res Salarian Armor

Area for texture-specific, modding-related discussion. Topics that involve models/meshes/actors go in the mesh area. As with other non-toolset related content, answers not guaranteed.

High-Res Salarian Armor

Postby ledbetterman » 30 Jul 2015, 01:25

I'm working on creating a set of high-res textures for the Salarians on Surkesh. So far, I've only upscaled the following textures from their vanilla resolution to double (1024x1024) and applied some filtering to smooth out the pixelated look:

Upon replacing them via Texplorer, I ran into the weirdest problem. Now all of the lighting on the Salarian soldiers referencing these textures have strange, inverted lighting on them. I've tried replacing the normals with blank versions, blacking out the tint strip (for all that could possibly do), and nothing has fixed this bug. Oddly enough, Mordin is also affected by this (I did replace his textures with JeanLuc's textures from ME2). Reverting Mordin back to his vanilla textures (and normals) didn't fix the problem.

I'm starting to think that by simply expanding the resolution, the textures are jacking up the normals on the mesh somehow.
Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it? I'd really like to re-do all the Salarian textures (their some of the most offensively low-res in game), but I don't want to continue if enlarging the textures screws with the lighting on the characters.

Salarian Armor tex error:
Mordin Armor tex error:
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Re: High-Res Salarian Armor

Postby Kainzorus Prime » 09 Aug 2015, 14:10

This looks like the normal map glitch, saw this once on weapon models. Your best bet, unless you have backups to pull original normals from, is to take the color texture, put it through the Normal Map filter from the Nvidia tools plugin for photoshop, then convert that apropriately to V8U8 format through directx sdk tool. Import the new normals and the problem should disappear.
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