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Tutorial: Changing Mass Effect 1 hair color

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Re: Tutorial: Changing Mass Effect 1 hair color

Postby The Fob » 05 Sep 2015, 21:41

I don't think you can do this with a texture mod. The hair textures just provide the pattern, the color is purely controlled by the color vector value that we modify as far as I know.
It might be that you could add some color to the hair texture but I think a lot of player hairstyles are also used by NPCs, so you change their color as well - if that would even work in the first place. This way, you can be sure you only modify the player.
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Re: Tutorial: Changing Mass Effect 1 hair color

Postby yumpa » 05 Sep 2015, 22:51

Yea, that makes sense, considering the topic. It's just when u said about old-looking shep i thought of face texture. ;)
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