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CustomActionClasses Indexes (and their meanings)

Technical research related to the structure of Mass Effect game files.

CustomActionClasses Indexes (and their meanings)

Postby FemShep » 23 Nov 2015, 15:28

Pawns have a list of things called customactionclasses. These custom action classes point to a custom action like mounting a gun or holstering a weapon. If a pawn does not have a custom action class for it, it won't be able to do that action (and if it does, it still needs to be called). Typically an action will lookup a specific custom action index to see if it is listed. If it is not listed then it's not supported by that pawn.

CustomActionClasses seems to be a list of imports and exports with an integer ID in each index. A value of 0 means null/none/not supported. I have been building a google sheet describing what each index means. I am am also working with interpreter to improve it's ability to see exports and imports which should be a huge time saver.

Here's Banshee's custom action classes. Without doing tons of work this is really hard to decipher:

Negative values are imports (use imports tab and remove negative). Positive values are exports. The ones listed in interpreter are 1-indexed while what they point to are 0 indexed so if you are looking up what a value means then you need to decrease the number you have in interpreter by 1.

I am not sure of what happens if you add a custom action class that points to the wrong thing. e.g. if you get husk synced it maybe could auto trigger a heavy melee. That's likely supportedsyncactions though.

If you know of more add a comment on this document.

Google Sheet:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
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