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Stripped mesh

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Stripped mesh

Postby Pududuchik » 18 Dec 2015, 17:46

Hello folks.
Recently i decided to replay ME series as a turian and faced a little problem with building one.
Manually there is a problem with replacing shepards head. There is a topic here somewhere about replacing FemShep head with Liara,s. Sadly, no answers were found there.
After replacing (human-->turian) head mesh in proper .PCC files i did the same to head textures via Texplorer (HMM_HED_Shepard face and scalp textures were replaced by turian head textures). But something went wrong. It Seems that new textures just dont want to load after mesh relacement.
If no mesh replacement perfomed - all turian textures load properly and i got human head model with turian textures. But now I have "stripped"turian head mesh with eyes. And its kinda suck.
Just to notice - i didnt have this problem nearly 2 years ago perfoming simular steps to mod simular .PCC files.
Any ideas? Would appreciate.
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