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ME3 GUI Transplanter / PCC Data Dumper

Non-toolset utilities for the ME Trilogy developed by community coders. Note: Restricted to coder- or modder-oriented tools. User-oriented tools belong where they can be adequately supported (e.g., Nexusmods).

ME3 GUI Transplanter / PCC Data Dumper

Postby FemShep » 29 Jan 2016, 23:21

I've developed a GUI transplanter tool for Mass Effect 3 that lets you easily swap GUI files between PCC's (and inject them too). It also can dump data about PCCs that make it very easy to search them with a tool like grep (or grepwin for windows). With this tool machine... (sorry can't remember your digits :( ) was able to fix compatability between the controller mod and some other DLC mods.

It's open source at my github: https://github.com/Mgamerz/ME3-GUI-Transplanter. You can find most of the documentation there.

Here's a screenshot of the GUI version (CLI version has way more features, GUI is simple version)

Some of the features:
- Transplants GUI files (SWF/GFX) files from one PCC to another (CLI, GUI)
- Dumps SWF files from PCC(s) in single or batch mode (CLI)
- Dumps PCC data from PCC(s) with options: exports, imports, nametable, coalesced, scripts, data, any combo of them. (CLI)
- Dumps exec functions and their script data (CLI)

Based on the same code Moonshine, Dybuk and I have used to do the ME3 controller mods.

This program cannot be dropped into the ME3Explorer directory because I changed some of the library code and it will cause it to crash, so don't try that. If you find issues, you can raise them on github, because I don't come here very often anymore. Eventually this tool will be automated by Mod Manager, which will automatically detect conflicts between the controller mod (SP) and other DLC mods, and can generate a DLC-mod patch that supercedes them both with no user intervention beyond accepting the generated fix.
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