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STICKY | BEFORE asking for help...

User-centric area for specific questions & problems related to using ME3Explorer tools. This is not a modding "how to" area. Read the sticky before posting!

STICKY | BEFORE asking for help...

Postby giftfish » 25 Feb 2016, 18:21

The Toolset Help board is for getting help with the toolset. This should be pretty straight-forward. It's not a modding how-to area, an area to ask about mod errors or conflicts, mesh editing, third party tools, or anything else. It's for specific questions encountered when using the toolset.


    1. If you have questions about how the toolset works, how to use a toolset tool, a tool is throwing an error, a mod isn't installing properly, etc. These are the types of questions that should be asked here.
    2. Only post your question AFTER you have consulted the wiki and searched the forum for an answer to your question.
    3. If you are looking for help with something that isn't directly related to issues with using the toolset, locate the proper area to post in The Mess Hall.
    4. If your problem is solved/question answered, mark your thread OP as such. Solved threads will be locked.
    5. All threads that go 6 months without comment will be presumed solved and locked.

Mod Installation Problems
If you are using the toolset to install a mod and are running into trouble, these wiki articles should be of use BEFORE you post:

If after exhausting wiki resources your problem remains, you may post a help request. Use the template below to help you provide us with the necessary information to field your request. A post that says "Texplorer hangs during scanning" does not provide adequate information and will only delay a solution. Remember that if we can't reproduce the problem we likely can't help you with it.

Copy and paste this template into your post, then edit it accordingly:

  • The Problem, in 1-2 sentences --
  • Does the problem persist across multiple mods? --
  • Which mods? Provide URLs. --
  • Have you contacted the mod author about the problem? --
  • Game affected (ME1/ME2/ME3) --
  • ME3Explorer version/revision used --
  • Tool used when experiencing the problem --
  • Windows version (e.g., Win7x64) --
  • Game localization (English, etc) --
  • Is your game pirated, EXE cracked, etc? --
  • Have you tried properly vanillaing your game using this wiki article? --
  • Describe what you have done to troubleshoot the issue. --
  • Embed all relevant screenshots of errors, the problem tool, debug output, and examples of the problem
Users who fail to follow these instructions will be referred to this thread until they supply the necessary information.


We appreciate your consideration. Thanks!
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