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ME1 file structure

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ME1 file structure

Postby SirCxyrtyx » 08 Mar 2016, 19:46

Does anyone here have any experience modding ME1? I am at a loss to understand what is going on with the the ME1 file structure. There's a Packages/Dialog folder, with all sorts of files that look like they pertain to dialog. And they do, since they have the BioConversation objects in them + other stuff. But, as I found out by using ProcMon, the game never loads them. Instead, it loads files from the Maps/DSG folder, which has files that look a lot like ME3's BIOD files, and have duplicates of the BioConversation objects from the Packages/Dialog folder.

Why are these files included if they aren't used? Or are they used in some way I haven't figured out?
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Re: ME1 file structure

Postby giftfish » 08 Mar 2016, 20:54


I suspect that the Packages > Dialog subfolders actually contain the audio files.

All the "BIOA_XXX.sfm" files have proper LOC_INT extensions and are the correct size, that they certainly seem like the counterparts to ME2/3's BioD_XXX.pcc files. If that's the case, then what we're actually missing is counterpart of the ME2/ME3 AFCs.

Looking at Packages > Audio_Content > Vehicles -- which are apparently audio files -- they are all UPKs. Packages > Dialog contains the same file type. The size range is similar to the ME3 AFCs, as well.
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Re: ME1 file structure

Postby The Fob » 08 Mar 2016, 21:47

I think gift is right. when extracting ME1 dialogue audio, I think I ripped it all from the files in the dialogue folder. I am not 100% sure because I did it a couple of years ago but I can have a look and give you a definitive answer tonight.
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Re: ME1 file structure

Postby FemShep » 10 Mar 2016, 21:36

Your best bet is probably dybuk or tankmaster. They both worked on making UDK work with it and dybuk I know has made progress. Tankmaster made some but I am not sure how much.
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