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New PCC files for meshes and textures?

Area for discussions related to meshes/models, 3D modeling programs, and the like. Can cross over into texture-related discussion. As with other non-toolset related areas, answers not guaranteed.

Re: New PCC files for meshes and textures?

Postby ElysiumFic » 28 Mar 2016, 20:31

I'm actually facing the same issue here (or will be as soon as I begin the project.)

How to make a BroShep's Closet/Armory companion mod for my FemShep's Closet/Armory.

Even before I read this thread, I had had the same idea: clone the material/textures on the femshep file. Broshep accepts cloned meshes, right? It's adding new materials that causes the crashing? (side note: wonder if this is the same issue that causes any attempt I make to clone hairs crash my game, and if I'd have the same problem cloning hairs on the broshep version.)

But how to point the mesh to that instead of to the broshep file? Or should I just clone the mesh on the femshep file, too? Guess that would be easier. Just feels weird that the broshep file's not involved at all. But I guess if what shows up in the closet is all a matter of coalesced editing, then it wouldn't have to be, would it?

On another note, if I had a mod or clothing item in multiple colors, would there be a way to make those into a single item that is customizable in the closet? Because right now I'm getting into ridiculous amounts of cloned stuff and it just seems like there has to be a tidier way.

My understanding is that the diff for a customizable piece needs to be pretty black and white, and then the colors are kept in a tint texture file. But right now the mods each have a different color diff, and I have no idea how to combine those into a tint file instead.

Actually, upon further investigation, it seems like what I really want if I want to keep the original modders' colors is not for the armor to be tintable, but, say, each different color to be selectable by moving the "material" slider. I'm trying to figure out how that gets selected, but not seeing it yet. It's not as simply as having multiple materials for the mesh. The armors that are customizable don't have multiple materials, at least not in the file I'm looking at. Or I'm not looking in the right place.
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