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Tutorial: Put things in a store

Made by modders for modders. Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve specific modding goals with ME3Explorer. We *strongly* encourage you to post new tutorials on the wiki.

Tutorial: Put things in a store

Postby Kinkojiro » 01 Apr 2016, 23:27

So here is a very quick tutorial on the basics of putting things in a Citadel store for a DLC mod.

Important to note when you create a DLC mod with plot bools, conditionals and TLKs you should list it on the wiki DLC Mod Compatibility Resource page. This means your mod won't conflict with others and other people won't accidentally conflict with yours.

I am assuming people know how to edit conditionals, coalesced and make a DLC mod.

To put a new item in a store you need simply to add a section and line to your bioui:

Code: Select all
<Section name="sfxgamecontent.sfxguidata_store_batarian">
      <Property name="storeitemarray">
        <Value type="3">(ItemType=TYPE_QUEST,BaseCost=1000,PlotUnlockConditionalID=3950,PlotPurchaseID[0]=26501,ChoiceEntry=(srChoiceName=340412,srChoiceDescription=340415),LargeImage="gui_codex_images.Store.STO_Fornax_512x256",SmallImage="gui_codex_images.Store.STO_Fornax_512x256")</Value>

Breaking this down:

Section name: sfxgamecontent.sfxguidata_store_batarian is the name for the Batarian Arms store. The other stores you can change the last "batarian":
Batarian = Batarian Arms (Refugee camp)
Human = Kassa Fabrications
Salarian = Aeghor Munitions
Asari = Nos Astra Sporting Goods
Volus = Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies
Spectre = Spectre Requisitions (Embassy)
Hanar = Kanala Exports
Hospital = Sirta Supplies (Hospital)
Turian = Cipritine Armory

Individual item The various components are:

<Value type="3"> This is important as it adds a new line to the store. Anything you put after this will create a new item (it won't remove any existing items added by the original game or DLCs or other mods).

TYPE_QUEST - this fires a plot state (bool or int). Other types exist but this is generally the most useful. Armors and Weapons don't need a specific TYPE, but powers etc will be loaded at that point if you use the TYPE.

BaseCost is the cost in credits (before any discounts/premiums)

PlotUnlockConditionalID is a conditional for when the item is shown. Generally the conditional should be the opposite of what the PlotUnlock is. For example if you make an armor that is available if PlotID=26501 then the conditional should be (plot.bools[26501] == bool false) i.e. is shown if not already purchased.

PlotPurchaseID[0] is the bool you want set by the purchase. This will correspond to say - the armor appearing.

These are the descriptive items. So ChoiceName is the tlk string text that will appear in the list and Description obviously will appear in the right hand pane if selected.

LargeImage is the image shown in the top right panel. Generally these are 512x256 or 1024x512 GUI images. You can re-use in game images or make your own new ones. See this excellent tutorial by Giftfish on how to create GUI storage pccs to put these images in the game.

SmallImage is the image shown in the notification popup. Generally these are 256x128 or 512x256 GUI images. Similarly these can be stored using Giftfish's technique.

You can make as many entries as you wish. Just add a new line for each. Note

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