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Custom DLC Starter Kit Generator

Non-toolset utilities for the ME Trilogy developed by community coders. Note: Restricted to coder- or modder-oriented tools. User-oriented tools belong where they can be adequately supported (e.g., Nexusmods).

Custom DLC Starter Kit Generator

Postby FemShep » 17 May 2016, 04:54

I've been adding some developer features to Mod Manager recently and have added 2 new features I think will benefit all mod developers, which I'm posting here since I think some of you will find this useful.

1. Custom DLC Starter Kit Generator
Fill out a single form and you will have a working blank Custom DLC that you can literally drag and drop in the DLC folder and you'll have a usable item. It also generates a file structure of tlk xml files that you can literally drag and drop onto mod manger itself and it will compile all the TLKs in the folder, rather than the very tedious GUI 1 by 1.
Here's a video if it in action, as a guide on how to use it as part of my mod developer series: https://youtu.be/ZCCejqs9cD4

2. DLC Conflict Detector
Additionally, I have built in a conflict detector that shows you what mod is the alpha of the conflicting DLC files.
The button at the bottom will make it so controller mod compatibility packs can be generated by users and will let them use controller mod with other mods. Right now it seems to have a few issues that are still being worked out.

Both of these are in my Mod Manager 4.2.3, and even if you have no interest in using mod manager for mod deployments I think you'll find them useful. You can get this build directly from the EXE as its still being soak tested by my userbase. http://me3tweaks.com/modmanager/ME3CMM.exe
ME3Tweaks has modding guides, tools, forums for mods, a modding wiki, and ModMaker, an online mod creation tool.
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