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Exploring Ideas from an Old Bioware Thread - Updated 14/08

User-centric area to discuss ideas and request mods. Toolset modders may also float ideas for new mods here; if pursued, the thread can be relocated to Mods in Development.

Exploring Ideas from an Old Bioware Thread - Updated 14/08

Postby Sil » 09 Aug 2016, 09:34

I had a few threads in the past on the bioware forums about what kind of things could be added to the game, what people wanted to see and what needed fixing. It was quite successful when you consider that it made 5 pages at the time when 99.99% of forum traffic was complaining about the ending.

It's obviously been quite awhile since then, but reading back on the list of things people wanted has made me think a bit, and I've decided to attempt to tackle the list. Trying to work out, in brief terms, what could be possible to add through modding, if they are possible to add through modding, or if they're even worth looking at. Looking at it already, I can see an awful lot of it just won't be possible to add, but I'm mostly writing this up for fun so it doesn't matter so much :).

The original list was:

- Reclaim Palaven
- Reclaim Omega, Possible Aria Squad Mate
- Exploring more of the Salarian Homeworld
- Batarian themed and possibly Squad Mate
- DLC expanding Cerberus plot
- The Illusive Man themed to explain his back story
- Shadow Broker style featuring Miranda as Squad Mate
- Return to Ilos
- Recovering Garrus' family from Palaven
- Rachni themed, possible Squad Mate or at least adding more missions involving them.
- Romance themed (This seems popular, new characters to romance and increased screen time with romanced characters)
- Reclaim Illium
- Reclaim Thessia, or an extended version of it's fall.
- Overlord style
- Elcor owned planets, chances to witness them in combat?
- Batarian Homeworld
- Kirrahe or Kal'reegar missions
- Pursuing a Dark Energy themed storyline involving Gianna Parasini as a Squad Mate/Love Interest
- Return of the Pinnacle Station house
- Squad Loyalty Missions
- A Return to Feros
- Exploring Novera
- A Storyline revolving around ancient Prothean Technology and the Cipher from Mass Effect 1. Possibly involving Shiala.
- Prothean Scientists
- Themed DLC in regards to Shepard's Origins. Possibly flashback to Akuze or the Skyllian Blitz? More interaction with people from Shepard's past who have survived into the time of Mass Effect 3?
- Exploration of the Terminus Systems role in the conflict. Possibly involving Pirates?
- A return to the Collector Base
- Leviathan of Dis themed DLC, perhaps involving the liberation of the Batarian homeworld?
- Council indoctrination plot, play off between Spectre's and the Council?
- Klendagon "Cannon"
- Exploration of EDI's ability to rewrite her code to include moral choices, etc.
- Hanar Homeworld
- More ME2 character missions
- Yahg Uplifting
- Gillian Grayson Squad Mate
- Talitha {or confirmation she's the Talitha Draven on the memorial wall}
- Toombs
- Zabaleta
- Han Olar's Redemption
- DLC set upon the Destiny Ascension, perhaps involving indoctrinated Asari so we can blast them away?
- Controllable Space Battles
- Geth squad mate
- Wrex
- Grunt
- Zaeed
- Dinosaurs
- The Virmire Casualty Returns

A few of these have already been added (Priority: Omega being listed as a desired dlc, for example, shows just how old the thread is!). I'll ignore those, and just focus on the other stuff. Just to reiterate, I know that many ideas aren't possible and some of my solutions will either be exceptionally hard or possibly impossible, but it's just for fun currently. :). I'm separating it into different sections, to make it easier to read, but also, the ideas and solutions will be brief rather than full plans.

Multiplayer Content in Single Player

Awakened Collectors = I’ve been thinking for awhile about how to add these to the game in a satisfying way, I rather like the lore for them from ME3 Multiplayer and I think it’d be interesting to include them in the game somehow. Whatever is done for them, it has to be set after Leviathan. It’d be great to have a mission, but it’s highly unlikely to add one, but there are other ways to add them in; emails, broker messages, scanning on the galaxy map, but a conversation would be the most interesting way to add them (probably too difficult though).

- A short story told through Spectre Terminal choices and emails could bring the Awakened Collectors into the game nicely.
Something similar could be done using those galaxy map missions that have been seen in the EGM mod, using scanning to tell a story.
- A new level would be awesome but highly difficult, it’s too unwieldly and close to impossible to see being done satisfactorily.
- A mix of Spectre Terminal choices, emails, galaxy map scanning and a single conversation with an Awakened Collector brought to the ship. It would require a voice actor of some skill and using a decent mic, but sound editing of the voice to make it feel Collectorish could disguise poorer quality recordings.

Project Phoenix = Similarly to the Awakened Collectors, I’ve thought the idea behind the Phoenix troops was interesting and it’d be good to see them added to the game in some way, whether it is as a war asset, email, broker message etc. Since it mentions them leaving Cerberus when he turns to indoctrination, it could make sense to set it after Priority: Horizon. I’d actually say that almost all ideas regarding the Awakened Collectors could be applied to Project Phoenix.

- Project Phoenix could be allowed through a Spectre Terminal choice post-Horizon, but it may also make sense if Project Phoenix leave Cerberus following Priority: Omega, since that’s a terrible debacle as well. An email and war assets to finish it off would do nicely. This is the easiest version of adding Project Phoenix.
- It could similarly be done through a small conversation tree between Shepherd and a Project Phoenix representative, over radio perhaps or in person on the Citadel. It wouldn’t need to be long to feel like it’s properly incorporating them, but as with all conversations being added, it’d require decent voice acting and voice recording.
- Add a small level where the people of Project Phoenix have requested help in fighting off Cerberus and they offer their services to the Alliance. The map could be a repurposed ME3 map, or one from ME2. As with all new levels, it’d be a pain in the arse to add. But would be pretty darn cool.

Alliance Infiltration Unit = This multiplayer character choice was obviously inspired by EDI, but it’s now part of the lore so I like the idea of Shepherd and EDI having some involvement in them being either deployed or being allowed to even exist. Masseffectwikia mentions that the Alliance secured a special allowance to use such AI in combat. Here’s a few ideas for how to make that work:

- A simple Spectre Terminal message where Shepherd can use his influence to persuade the Council to grant the special dispensation to the Alliance to deploy the Alliance Infiltration Units. This could be followed by an email from EDI or Hackett, maybe even the Council, or all three, letting you know that they’ve been allowed to be deployed/refused to be deployed.
- A more expansive story using emails, broker messages, and the Spectre Terminal. Could even have an assignment to “deploy” the first batch using the scanner system on the Galaxy Map.
- The hardest, but likely most rewarding would be to have a short conversation between Shepherd and a representative of the Alliance Science Division about authorising it, and a brief conversation with EDI (obviously using spliced sentences based on her voice work in ME2 and 3) about allowing it to happen. This would be a lot more interesting as it’d feel like more content, but obviously would require a lot of hard work.

Additional Content for Characters

Garrus’ Family = We hear about Garrus’ family in his Shadow Broker Dossiers, I cannot recall much mention of them during Mass Effect 3, but I’ve been told that he mentions them being stuck on Palaven and that he’s unable to save them. On further research I found that they do, in fact, get off of Palaven, so I’m unsure why people suggested this in the thread. Anyway, here is how it could be handled if we wanted Shepherd to be the one to save them.

- There’s no need to make this a big thing, sure it’d be great to have Garrus being thankful to Shepherd for saving his family, but it’s doubtful that there is enough voice acting to do it, plus you then have to also factor in that lines need to be written. The best bet is to have an email thanking Shepherd if he saves Garrus’ family.
- I’d suggest them being a scanning mission gained once Garrus mentions his family, you scan Palaven and they are saved. This then factors in the thank you email from Garrus, increases his loyalty (I think loyalty was still a thing in ME3, can’t remember), and gives a handful of xp. Nothing fancy, but it’s nice for Garrus fans to be able to help him out.
- If you really wanted to make it bigger, there could be a Spectre Terminal authorisation to find them before you go off scanning Palaven to save them. But I think it’s unnecessary.

Gianna Parasini = A character who appeared in ME1 and ME2, she seemed to rather like Shepherd if he helped her a lot, going as far as to kiss him in the second game. She also mentions in the second game about Dark Energy and that her superiors are getting interested/worried about it.

- Any mission involving Parasini has to remember the fact that she can be dead in Mass Effect 1. The mission could depend upon her being alive, or it could have an alternate person if she's dead.
- Also, it needs to be remembered that she hasn’t got that many lines in the first two games, making any inclusion of her difficult as she would either need very limited lines, or a new voice actress.
- On the plus side, Gianna Parasini could produce a nice side mission on the Citadel that isn’t just scanning something on the Galaxy Map, but involving some chatting. I’ve no idea what this could be, unfortunately, but I do believe it should deal with Dark Energy in some way. To tie in with her comments in ME2.
- Completing this mission could provide Shepherd with another ‘fling’, since it seemed her content was going that way before she disappeared in Mass Effect 3.
- Another way of making a mission for Gianna would be to use spectre terminal messages. Far from the most interesting solution, but at least she’d make an appearance, even if just in text form.
- The likelyhood is that this wouldn’t be added to the game, except for maybe a text-based version, which is a shame but she just has far too little dialogue in ME1 and 2 to justify it, let alone the fact she can die.

The Other Virmire ‘Survivor’ = I’ve seen people interested in what would happen if the person chosen to die at Virmire actually survived, and for a long time there were rumours that they’d return in ME3 as a villain. Though the idea of that sounds pretty corny, like a twilight zone episode or one of the more silly episodes of something like Stargate or Star Trek, it did feed my imagination somewhat and has let me come up with a vague potential idea that could be developed further.

- My thoughts were that since Shepherd seems to be taking the death’s on his hands badly, even as far back as the one who died on Virmire, his enemies could attempt to exploit his growing unease thats shown in ME3. I don’t know which enemy exactly, Cerberus would potentially want to mess with his head, as potentially would the Reapers. Or one of the many other people Shep’s pissed off. The idea is that they attempt to convince him that the dead crew member (either Kaidan or Ashley) is alive. Obviously it turns out they aren’t, and Shepherd is lured into an ambush of some kind, but if written right, it could be turned into an interesting story.
- One helpful factor of this idea is that Kaidan and Ashley have tonnes of lines to plunder from the three games, it might not be so difficult to create dialogue that would convince Shep they’re still breathing and, maybe, out for revenge.
- It’s a silly suggestion, I know, but it could work. I like the idea of the other Virmire ‘Survivor’ being a robot like EVA was on Mars. :D On the whole though, it’s all a silly idea, but we’ve seen silly missions in the games already.

Geth Squad-mate = Adding squad-mates seems to be quite impossible so far, unless the main modders are hiding some secret project where they’ve added new squaddies :D. I’ve wondered about an idea for adding a ‘new’ squad mate to take the place of one of the ones that get’s killed off, but there is only one time where this could be done where there is a possible space on the team depending upon Shepherd’s choice, Priority: Rannoch.

- On Rannoch, if you choose to save the Geth rather than saving the Quarians or bringing peace to them both, then Tali dies. I would say it’s a spoiler, but sssh, you should know it already! What does this mean? Well, it means you’re a team member down for the rest of the game, which is sucky, and really it only serves to punish those who choose the Geth. I think that’s an unfair choice.
- From what I’ve heard, I believe it’s possible to change the model used by a character while they’re still considered to be that character statswise. IF that is possible, then it wouldn’t surprise me if it is also possible to edit a name. With Tali dead, this gives the chance to add in a Geth crew member who uses the same abilities and weapons, but obviously, is a Geth.
- A Geth added this way would require a lot of dialogue, unless they become an ambient squad member like Kasumi and Zaeed, but the benefit of it being a Geth is that if the person’s voice acting is robotic it shouldn’t harm the performance :D.
- Adding this would provide some benefit to saving the Geth over the Quarians instead of punishing a player for doing so. However, I am absolutely certain there will be issues where the game considers Tali dead, but also alive, meaning we’d see random conversations happening that really shouldn’t. If this was to work, it’d need a lot of planning to make sure that everything kicks in correctly.
- Unfortunately such an addition to the game would require a tonne of work. The game checks plot variations constantly, so the sheer volume of edits to be done to add a Geth Squad-mate this way would make impossible, or the next closest thing to impossible.

Kal’Reegar = This character is a fan favourite from what I’ve seen, many weren’t impressed that he died off-screen, even if it sounded like a pretty heroic death on Palaven. When I made my threads about DLC and other New Content, Kal’Reegar was mentioned a few times, specifically having a mission with him. I think one person even wanted him as a squad mate. Which would’ve been cool, but a bit unnecessary. I’ve not got many ideas for this, but I think there are ways to circumvent his lack of dialogue. It’s a bit cheeky though.

- Although my knowledge is limited, I’ve heard in some discussions that it is possible to replace the model an enemy spawns with on a given map. In theory, this means that the same can be done for a squad-mate, meaning you could potentially get Kal’Reegar as a squad-mate by replacing the model used by a normal ME3 squad-mate for a particular level.
- If the above is managed then a Kal’Reegar level is actually do-able. The problem then is, what to do with him? If the canon lore is that he dies on Palaven, could a level take place there to attempt to rescue him? Or would it be better to set a side mission before/during Priority: Rannoch. In my opinion, setting it before or during Rannoch is the best solution. A map that could be used, then, is one of the Quarian ship maps from ME2, or the Geth station from the same game. If someone wanted the level to involve Palaven, then I guess the MP level Firebase Condor could be used.
- If a map is found and one of your squad is magically changed into Kal’Reegar for the level, we’re still left with some problems. These are namely a lack of a story, which doesn’t need to be too difficult really, and a lack of voice acting. The voice acting is surprisingly possible to add though, but it would be a bit sneaky and iffy for some people to do. Kal’Reegar is voiced by Adam Baldwin, who I think is awesome in Firefly and in Chuck, but I’m not under any false impression when I say that he sounds very similar in pretty much everything he does. In Chuck especially he sounds similar to Kal’Reegar since he’s of a military mindset. A clever sound editor could plunder these shows, or even Halo 3: ODST for lines to use by him. I know some will be unsure of this solution, but it’s about the best way of adding new lines for him without repurposing the few he already has.

Kirrahe = In those threads some people also expressed the desire to have Kirrahe in a mission or as a squad mate. But this is the sad thing, I don’t think there is access to enough audio files to add him in a satisfactory manner. Maybe if he was captured and you had to save him, it could work, but I’m highly doubtful. I personally believe it’s not possible.

Toombs = Corporal Toombs was pretty pissed off at Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect 2 because he joined Cerberus and mentions that he has a mercenary team of his own that he’s using to hunt down Cerberus cells.

- There could be an email giving news on what Toombs has been up to, or from Toombs himself. Whether this would be an antagonistic email or not, I don’t know, but I kinda like the idea that even with the Reaper War going on, he’s still wanting to take down Shep for joining Cerberus during ME2.
- Toombs could lure Shepherd into an ambush, I’m thinking a distress call and a level using one of ME2’s ship levels. A straight up firefight before you find a datapad that confirms that Toombs was on the ship and is now dead. The enemies would use the stats of Cerberus but mercenary models.
- Alternatively, a Spectre Terminal message could allow Shepherd to lure Toombs into assaulting a Cerberus base. Makes a change for Shep to be the one luring someone in.
- Not much needs to be done for Toombs. He’s a random side character, sure it’d be good to see what he’s up to or to fight him, but not much is needed to improve his content in ME3.

Zabaleta = I think this needs to only have a single email sent by Shepherd’s mother to give an update on what has happened to this man. Depending upon what happened in ME3 it should either be heroic or painful to read. He needs nothing more than that.

Han Olar = Much like Zabaleta, there needs to be nothing more than an email. He’s not a vital character by any measure but it’d be nice to know whats happening with him for those who give a damn.

Talitha = The list wanted to know about this person and if it's the same as the Talitha Draven on the normandy wall. It isn't. The one on the wall is a normandy crew member who died at the beginning of ME2, I did the Normandy wreckage level today and saw the name there.

Ease of Access, Fixes, Small Mods, Bug Removal

Oriana Lawson = Though it’s very far from the biggest problem, it does annoy me that despite being a genetically identical twin of Miranda (as stated by Miranda in Mass Effect 2, just had the scene where she says it), she looks absolutely nothing like her. Here are some possible ideas to fix this:

- A model edit where Miranda’s head is swapped onto the body Oriana currently uses, and applying a new hairstyle to make it more obvious that they’re genetic twins but very separate people. This would likely require someone with skill at editing 3d models.
- As Miranda uses her black and white catsuit-thing, or her armour in some mods, during Mass Effect 3 perhaps Oriana could use Miranda’s body but have the ME2 Loyal outfit, but give her re-textures all over so she looks different but maintains the same face and form, and obviously isn’t wearing white and black as that’s Miranda’s thing.

Dinosaurs = Yeah… This was requested quite a lot at one point. I’m not exactly certain what people wanted, did they want us to uncover a Velociraptor trapped in Stasis who once fought the Reapers? Did they want cloned Dinosaurs? Reapers riding Brachiosaurs? I don’t really know. To fulfil the dream of dinosaurs in a way that feels somewhat logical, all I can think of is this:

- A news network message, either email or, preferably, on the galactic news, saying that a leading palaeontologist is speculating that the Reapers could’ve been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, but many other experts disagree, one even calling him an idiot. This could be a fun little message, but somewhat pointless.

News Terminal = With there being so many mods now that add emails, you could say that the Private Terminal is being overloaded with content, which isn’t good as no-one wants emails to become a chore to look at, as interesting information might be missed by a player. A news terminal would move some of those emails to a new place, freeing up the private messages terminal. A lot could be done with this, I’m sure others have more ideas on that than I would.

- If there is a monitor in Diana Allers room, then the news terminal could be put there. It’d make her inclusion a little more meaningful, or at least the inclusion of the room more meaningful.
- If there isn’t a monitor there, then I’m sure there are other places that would make sense, I remember there being a lot of spare monitors lying around!
- If this is added, then things like the Cerberus News Network messages could be added to the game, although it always seemed odd to me that they had a news network. Perhaps just having the articles associated with the ANN would be better. Anyway, perhaps these would be waiting in the terminal from the first time you get it, or they could maybe be bought in a store.
- This terminal could provide commentary on the war as it’s going on, in greater depth than it does not. Also, it could host up all the ANN promotional stuff hosted by Bioware at the time of the game’s release.

Additional Storylines and New Missions

Hubs = ME3’s hubs are pretty much just different parts of the Citadel, which is nice and all but it’s the Citadel, we’ve seen it quite often and it doesn’t vary too much in appearance. Adding other hubs would be grand, but very difficult.

- Omega makes the most sense as a hub as we reclaim the space station in the Omega DLC, but also because it is a good place to have new assignments for the Terminus Systems, as well as adding another place to buy stuff from. It would be difficult to add as you’d have to rip the Omega map from ME2 and update it to work in ME3, plus you’d need lots of new lines to justify actually adding the place. Some people have expressed concern about porting ME2 stuff into ME3 in regards to legality, but I’m unsure if that would factor in when sound effects and music have already been ported to ME3 for various mods and they’ve got away with it. I think the problem would lie with porting the ME2 Map as well as all the other data like conversations, missions etc. that take place in ME2 on that map. Still, adding this would be a pretty massive project.
- Illium was a candidate for adding a hub, at least I had thought so, until I looked at the codex entry for the planet on the wikia which mentions it being attacked by the Reapers, although that they’re holding them back. A return to Illium would be great, but wouldn’t work now I’ve spotted that, and would have many of the same problems as adding Omega.
- Noveria was a hub in ME1, but there aren’t many reasons to add this as one for ME3. So no point adding.
- Feros was a hub in ME1, but there aren’t many reasons to add this, but more than there are for Noveria I think. Would only make sense as a temporary base for a few Feros mini-missions, but beyond that it feels pointless. See ideas for Return to Feros for more on this.

Collectors = In the thread I originally wrote to get ideas for DLC and such, Collectors were mentioned more than anything else. People love to fight them, and I guess, wanted more variety in the forces they were battling against.

- As far as I understand it, adding new enemy types to the game is currently impossible, or close to it, so any addition of collectors would have to be handled creatively. My belief is that since a model can be replaced on a map for an enemy, it would be possible to make use of the stats of another enemy and give them the Collector appearance. It wouldn’t be perfect, but close enough.
- If the above is possible, then they could be added to current maps to add more variety, or some of the multiplayer maps could be used to make new levels. What would be more fun is reusing the Collector Ship map from ME2 and fighting on that, making an assignment to go with it where you have to find the Collector Black Ark in one of the star systems through scanning, before boarding and destroying it.
- Another method of adding them in, without even adding them to playable missions, would be to add in a Galaxy Map mission similar to some of the things you see in EGM. It’d mean the Collectors are still out there and you can work against them, just you’d not be physically shooting them.
- Emails and Broker Terminal updates could be used to further highlight that the Collectors are a part of the war.

Reclaim Thessia/Extended Version of Thessia’s Fall = There is little that can be done to attempt to reclaim Thessia, it’s just too much work to do, but expanding its fall isn’t quite so difficult. Well, it’s obviously difficult! But it’s more doable.

- EGM has expanded this through using Galaxy Map missions, which looks very impressive. I know that the mod was looking into adding some of the MP maps to the game, so potentially it’ll be adding the Thessia multiplayer map.
- One of the few ways of improving it is to add the above mentioned multiplayer map to the game, which at least gives you more time on the planet. Such a thing wouldn’t be particularly easy, and would need a suitable storyline to accompany it.
- Another way would be to repurpose the main Thessia mission map to create another battle on the planet. The best way would be to find a point on the map and have Shepherd working backwards along the route of the main level, it’s surprising how different a map can feel if you go the opposite direction. The problem with this is that there is a lot of work involved in cleaning up a cloned map for use for a new level, such as removing audio and conversations on the planet, and then writing a new story to suit it.
- Because Thessia first appeared in ME3, and we’ve visited so few Asari worlds in ME1 and 2, there aren’t many maps that can be used from other games. The only ones that could potentially be used are the Illium maps, but depending on the map it would need to be edited to make it feel less like Illium and more like Thessia. It’s far from a perfect solution.

Prothean Scientists = When you speak to the Prothean VI on Ilos, he talks in depth about the last few Prothean scientists on Ilos working on a device to turn the tide against the Reapers. This turned out to be the Keeper signal modifier which they used once the Reapers had finished exterminating their civilisation. With this, the storyline of Mass Effect became possible, but the VI doesn’t know what happened to them once they reached the Citadel, only assuming that they starved to death on the space station. In the years after I remember there being a lot of speculation that we’d find these Prothean Scientists locked away in stasis during the events of ME3. Obviously we didn’t, we found Javik instead. But I think there is potential for some expansion on the Prothean Scientist’s final days. Is it only me that finds it a tad silly that they’d go to all the trouble to edit the Keeper signal and then just die? I mean, they lived long enough, and had the drive long enough to do that much, wouldn’t they try to leave something on the Citadel for the next race, some kind of warning or something. I don’t know, I still feel that there could be more from the Prothean Scientists, whether it’s them being found in stasis, some other Prothean VI discovered on the Citadel providing more info, or just a spectre terminal choice to authorise a search of the Keeper tunnels and it uncovers some lost relic. I feel there is more that could be done for these.

Elcor Homeworld = I doubt I’m the only person who got overly excited when the Elcor Diplomat asks you to rescue his people from Dekuuna. I’d finally get to see the Elcor homeworld, a whole level devoted to the Elcor!…It didn’t happen, just scanned, pinged and away we went. I’m not afraid to admit I was somewhat miserable about not seeing their homeworld properly. In that thread years ago, I found other people wanted to see it too, so I’ve attempted to work out whether it’s possible:

- The Elcor come from worlds with very heavy gravity. This could affect whether or not it’s possible for Shepherd and team to go there to help them, though I think Mass Effect fields are capable of being used to allow it. It would probably make more sense to use a vehicle. That’s if there is any data left over for vehicle combat.
- Elcor have very few animations from what I can see.
- There are no art designs or concept art of the Elcor homeworld, or any Elcor worlds. We’ve not seen their architecture, we’ve only glimpsed their cultural dress and so forth. Would any mission made by modders feel right? Doubtful. I’d love to help them evacuate, I’d really love to in a mission, but without knowing how their world should look, how can we make it?
- The nearest I think we can get to making an Elcor level, is to make use of Firebase Giant, night-time version, and pretend that the level isn’t on Tuchunka, but is in fact a Dekuuna Defence Cannon being used to help protect ships trying to evacuate. The problem is, how to make it all feel like you’re helping Elcor when you’re fighting on a Tuchunka-themed level. I guess there could be radio contact with an Elcor Commander, but I can’t think of much else. If there are enough animations (run, attack, death etc) for the Elcor then perhaps some very very creative person could re-texture the Elcor model to look Reaperized and give us an enemy to fight to make it feel like Dekuuna. Otherwise, I can’t think of much else.
- If the above was done, then this should replace the current scanning method of completing the Dekunna: Elcor Extraction assignment, so at least the mission feels like a proper assignment.
- Overall, my belief is that you could make a level for Dekuuna using Firebase Giant (Night), but it’d be difficult to actually give it the feel of a proper Elcor themed level. I’ve struggled to think of what could be done to simulate it. :(

Salarian Homeworld = From what little we’ve seen of Sur’kesh, warm, lush rainforests are a bit of a thing for it. Which is no surprise considering the primary humanoid race that evolved to live there. As such, adding more missions requires scouring the game series for other locations that fit the same theme.

- Virmire: A classic map that may be just too recognisable to serve as a place for another mission for Sur’kesh, it is however, a few beautiful looking level and has a layout and building which could be repurposed to represent various possible institutions. If this map was somehow transported into ME3 and updated to work with it, it’d look great, but the main problem of using it is that Virmire was such a major part of Mass Effect 1 that it’d just be too recognisable. On the plus side, it’s so big that there are many places that could be used for levels.
- Aeia: The map for Jacob’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 could be re-used to good effect I think for a Sur’kesh map. Though it’d need some alterations, you could have the map running backwards, so you find the crashed ship at the end. A mission would have to accompany it to explain why Shepherd is arriving on Sur’kesh to find a crashed ship, but I’m sure it’d be possible.
- I think there are a couple of other maps that could be used from previous games, but as with all maps being imported, there is an awful lot of work in fixing them up to work for this game. In many ways it would probably be better to have a series of Galaxy Map missions much like how EGM has done for some places.
- I'd say the likelihood of this being modded in is extremely low, except for a galaxy map set of missions similar to what EGM does. That's more likely, but still, more than likely not to happen.

The Virtual Aliens = I’ve already written up an extensive assignment to cover this, a text-based adventure. It’s found elsewhere on this forum. There’s no need to repeat it here. It’s possible to do a smaller version, or even just a single email covering them deciding to join the war. I do feel something should be added, as of now, they're the only race not to get a mention in Mass Effect 3. Even the Raloi get a mention.

Controllable Space Battles = I highly doubt this is even possible, unless some code is level over from the Shadow Broker flying cab level in ME2 in ME3, or if there is abandoned code left over for a vehicle. I’ve no suggestions at all on how to make this possible, all I can say is that maybe there are ways to simulate space battles and these in turn could be used to add a few small new ‘missions’. As it is, I have no idea whatsoever on how that could work, so I won’t even try and speculate.

The Klendagon “Cannon” = Klendagon appeared in ME2 and it was scarred by an immense weapon that took down the derelict Reaper you find in the same game. The Illusive Man claims the cannon itself was found but it was defunct, but he only mentions it in passing. Despite its immense age (millions of years old), it wouldn’t surprise me if the Illusive Man wasn’t revealing all his cards, much like how he wasn’t revealing his desire to control the Reapers. My thought behind this is that Cerberus want to reactivate this immense weapon and plan to test it on an unsuspecting world suffering an invasion by the Reapers. How could this be added?

- A short story told through interactive text methods, such as emails, spectre terminals messages, broker terminal messages and maybe some ‘hacking’ on the Citadel (aka, running to a point, clicking/pressing A, and getting info to complete assignment). Could also have the ship scanning in a system where the cannon could be, to find it and then end the threat of it through a choice. Similar to the missions on the galaxy map made in EGM. This would require artists to design the Klendagon Cannon.
- A more interesting method could be made using a playable level, perhaps set on a lab on the cannon, kinda like that ME2 mission on the derelict Reaper ship. Would just need some standard Cerberus goons as enemies, a bit of interaction, and maybe a conversation or two to justify going. A map from ME2 could potentially be ported over to fight on, or a map in ME3 could be repurposed and altered enough to not be noticeable as a cloned level.
- I’d love to write a method of adding this in fully, it’s one of those bits I -REALLY- wanted to see in Mass Effect at some point, as it sounded awesome

Return to the Collector Base = Otherwise known as Avernus Station in the comics. I think this could work as a new level to the game, fighting on a Cerberus base established beyond the Omega-4 Relay. What would it entail? Well, considering the Adjutants were made there, it could be overrun by them and so you go there to clean it out. Or it could have Collector’s being ‘bred’ or ‘cloned’ by Cerberus looking to turn them into a slave army. There are lots of possibilities. Here are a few:

- Using a map from ME2’s Collector Base missions, and having Shepherd fighting Collector’s there. A story could be easily found for why you’d need to return to that place.
- Repurposing another map from ME2, one of the various Cerberus Lab-type maps with some edits to the file to make it obvious that the outside is that black hole that the Collector Base orbited. Since the Adjutant’s took control of Avernus Station, this could be used as an extra finale to the Omega DLC story, where you have to hunt through Avernus Station to finish off the Adjutants and destroy any data on them you can find. You could even have Cerberus Troops on the mission as well, trying to stop you and reclaim the station.
- Beyond the Omega-4 Relay could be added to the Galaxy Map. It’s not quite as exciting as gunning down Collector’s or Adjutant’s, but it could still be fun if a galaxy map mission is made. I think I’ve read that EGM mod does this already.

Cerberus Storyline Expansion = This suggestion is rather difficult to narrow down. To expand the storyline of Cerberus, then you need more stories, missions and conversations. The suggestion is so broad that almost anything added to the game that’s Cerberus-themed would be a storyline expansion. Many of the bits I’ve written up so far would actually cover it this very well, so I’ll just list the ones below which I feel could be combined together to make the Cerberus part of the story that bit longer.

- The Klendagon Cannon as a small side assignment to the main storyline
- Return to the Collector Base as an epilogue to the Priority: Omega storyline
- Project Phoenix assignment to bring to light more of Cerberus' cells.

Priority Palaven = This was quite commonly requested at the time I wrote the threads, because people wanted to see the surface of the Turian homeworld. The game showed us a moon, but that’s it. There are problems with starting the idea for a Palaven mission, which are listed below.

- I’ve looked for concept art for Palaven but I’ve had no luck finding any. Without any concept art to show what Palaven actually looks like, making levels for it would be even harder than normal, because what do we make it look like? It’s one thing to think up how races, planets, and objects that’ll never be seen would look but to make up the appearance of this planet would be rather silly to do.
- Firebase Condor (I think) could be used to add another level to Menae, so at least there would be more fighting to do around Palaven. Again, this isn’t an easy endeavour, but that’s something that I’ve covered a lot. If you were to do this, then Priority: Palaven really could just be called Priority: Menae as that’s where the fighting is.
- Galaxy map missions could create a feel of a Priority Mission, similar to what has been done in EGM for various places.
The Garrus Family mission mentioned earlier could be added to this.
- If there was to be a level, then the Miracle of Palaven scenario seems to be the most logical choice for it.
- Making a true Palaven priority mission seems extremely unlikely, and shouldn’t really happen as we’ve no data on what it looks like. But the above way that EGM has done missions could make it at least feel as if it’s more of an event than just visiting a moon.

Priority Illium = This one has many more possibilities than Priority: Palaven, the sole reason being that during the course of the trilogy we’ve been to this planet many times. Off the top of my head I can think of 5 maps set on this world; Illium hub, Spaceport for Miranda, Towers for Thane, Eclipse + Police HQ for Samara, LotSB for Liara.

- ME3 mentions that Illium is managing to fight off the Reapers, they targeted the dropships carrying Reaper troops and stalled their advance to a crawl. To me, this leaves Illium ripe for a set of missions, probably coming from a fresh assault by more Reaper troops.
- The problem comes when we consider that there isn’t a single Illium based level in the game, this means that to add playable levels then we need to import maps from ME2, and no doubt these would need to tuned up to work with the game. That requires a lot of work, but if it was done, then there are parts of each that would work well for a prospective priority mission.
- I, along with a lot of others, were somewhat annoyed that our list of enemies fell somewhat short during ME3; Cerberus, Geth and Reapers, that’s it for the enemies we shoot, which soon got somewhat repetitive. What felt like a missed opportunity was a lack of indoctrinated enemies to fight, or enemies with other agendas (I know Cerberus technically falls under this, but I mean of the various other races). A set of missions here could bring in indoctrinated foes, maybe pirates and slavers. I know of the difficulty/impossibility of adding brand new enemies to the game but since models can be replaced, then replacing the models of certain Cerberus troops would go a long way to getting the feel of fighting something new.
- If someone did this, it would go some way to improving the Terminus Systems content in the game.
- If this was to be done, then it’d need a lot of planning and in many ways, it couldn’t change the established canon too much. I’d suggest that if someone felt brave enough to tackle this, that instead of going for an over-arching storyline, then instead treat it as a series of mini-missions. Of course, if someone is keen enough to go to the lengths of importing maps to fight on Illium, then it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re willing to get new audio recorded by volunteers and go all out with it. But it just makes it even harder to do, and it’d already be extremely difficult.
- It might work out better to use EGM’s method of creating a mission by using the galaxy map. Sure, it’s not quite as exciting as blasting away Reapers, but it’s still very interesting and, from what I’ve seen, well executed to provide more depth to the game.

Leviathan of Dis/Priority Khar’shan = Well, here comes the disappointment!

- I would say that this idea is pretty much impossible, I know people are interested in seeing it, I am! I’d love to see how a planet that’s suffered the biggest brunt of Reaper attacks actually looks, and it’d be full of indoctrinated Batarians to shoot. It’s been some time since we’ve shot those guys :p. Problem is, it’s like Palaven, there’s no designs for it.
- We’ve no idea what it’s like there, the only time we visit it is to scan for the Kite’s Nest: Pillars of Strength assignment in ME3. Though it’d be great to turn that into an actual mission, I’d say it’s not possible unless we’re running with the idea that every planet uses the same fabricated colony plans :p. Either that, or if they’re happy to fight over a mass of ruins.
- Could a galaxy map set of missions be added here in a method akin to EGM? Perhaps that would go some way to making it feel like the Batarians aren’t completely forgotten.
- The Leviathan of Dis is covered somewhat in the Leviathan dlc.
- I’d say that this won’t be happening. They are far from the most loved race in the fandom, and without someone who is truly driven to bring Khar’shan to life, I’d say this’ll never happen, and is likely impossible to do well as it is.

Destiny Ascension Assault = This was one idea mentioned for the threads, and I always liked the idea of it. People wanted to go onto the Destiny Ascension and… well, shoot indoctrinated Asari. Can’t say that I blame them, I’d love to shove Liara on there and pretend she was indoctrinated. Anyhow, here’s how this could work:

- For this to even be a thing, there’d need to be a map which feels like inside of the Destiny Ascension. Is there one in all three games? Not that I’ve seen, unfortunately. None of the ships we board look like they’d quite work with the Asari’s greatest spaceship, and those levels are far too ugly as I’d assume that despite being a military vessel, it’d still have architectural beauty in its interior.
- Who would we fight? Well, people mentioned fighting indoctrinated Asari which I like the idea of, and this is theoretically possible since you can change a model for an enemy, although sadly you cannot yet add brand new enemies to the game. Still, fighting indoctrinated Asari based on the stats, abilities and weapons of Cerberus Troops or Geth or something would still be pretty cool.
- If indoctrinated Asari aren’t the enemy, then I’m sure that there is some way to justify Reapers or Cerberus as the enemy on this mission.
- Where would this even take place? Well, obviously the Destiny Ascension, but where would that ship be? It’s primary role is for Citadel Defence, so if you’re fighting indoctrinated Asari then it’d work as a mission there. Otherwise, an excuse could be added for moving it to Thessia and having a mission aboard it.
- There is one problem for all of this, one more among the many, and that’s the fact that the Destiny Ascension can be destroyed in a players save. Adding this mission would then be a bit of a kick to their teeth because they wouldn’t be able to access it. I’m one of those people who thinks there should be greater variation between the outcome of choices, but I guess adding this just for those who saved the Council would be a bit harsh as they’d have no non-Destiny Ascension version of their own.
- I can’t see this being modded in, purely because of the problems I’ve highlighted.

Yahg Uplifting = This is something that I really had hoped to see in ME3 from the moment on Sur’kesh when the Yahg gets loose. The idea of the Salarians uplifting an extremely dangerous species to fight the Reapers would’ve been great. History often repeats itself, and that would’ve been a nice indicator of that. However, it didn’t happen, but how could it be made possible?

- The problem of Yahg is that there is only one instance of a Yahg being fought in the entire series, and that is in Lair of the Shadow Broker. He had all the animations necessary to act as a combatant or as a conversationalist, so in theory these (and his model) could be ported over to Mass Effect 3… that is if porting animations to the game is actually possible. I am unsure on whether it is or not, though I expect if it was, people would’ve worked out a way of getting Shep to lower his weapon by now.
- Not only is there the problem of fighting a Yahg, but there is the problem of the map for them to be fought on, we don’t know what the Yahg homeworld is like beyond a mention that the Yahg are apex predators and that their technology is at the 20th century level. Of course, a modder could just use a generic jungle map or something, but it might not feel right.
- It might be a lot better to instead focus on the Salarians aiming to uplift the Yahg, rather than the Yahg themselves. A mission could be that Shepherd has to intercept the ship treating with the yahg on Parnack rather than actually taking on Yahg themselves. The ME3 lore states, at the moment, that the Reapers have ignored their planet and presumably they would be for the rest of the war.
- Whatever you’re having as the enemy, it needs to be added by swapping the model for a level of the enemy units, as currently we can’t add brand new enemies. This will definitely hamper efforts to add them as the animations much match something that already exists.
- As with all of these mission ideas, maps are a serious concern as they’d likely have to be imported and that’s a lot of work.
- I doubt email/spectre or galaxy map missions would work well for this.

Exploring Noveria = The problem with Noveria is that most missions for it come from Mass Effect 1, which I’m sure has the maps that are the least suitable to be placed into Mass Effect 3. This makes setting levels in this place far more unlikely and difficult. The unfortunate thing is that Noveria is ripe for adding from a story perspective, as so much research is being done there to aid the Reaper War. But I have no problem saying this won’t be added or expanded upon except through the odd email or war assets at the very most.

Improving the Consequences of Shepherd's Choices

Suicide Mission Choice = Destroying the Collector Base or giving it to Cerberus, currently this changes little more than a war asset received by the player. Not much can be done with this, really, but a few possibilities for changes if Cerberus get the base are:

- Some Cerberus troops using Collector weapons or armour, or perhaps an increase to their stats rather than a change in appearance. An increase to their stats could simulate the advanced tech they’ve recovered.
- A new Cerberus enemy npc based on the Collectors, likely impossible due to the current problem of being unable to successfully edit the file that governs enemy units being spawned.
- Email/Broker Terminal message following the Citadel Coup that mentions how there were greater casualties because of the strange technology used by them, and a decrease in Citadel Defence Force war assets because of that.
- Ex-Cerberus War Assets are also increased in strength because of the more powerful technology they make use of.
- Fact is, it might not be possible to change the stats based on a plot bool or conditional, so it’s highly likely that any changes to the enemy npcs isn’t possible. It’s far more likely that creative routes will have to be done down for more varied content such as emails. I’d love to see alternate weaponry/stats but I can’t see it happening.

Rachni Genocide Choice = Choosing to kill or save the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 1 was a major choice to make and through the first two games it felt like that decision was building to something pretty exciting, however, it just led to the same mission with little variation and some differing war assets.

- Differing Reaper forces depending upon whether Rachni lived or died. If they lived it’s the vanilla forces, if they died then no Ravagers or Swarmers except on the Rachni level, but greater numbers of all other types. This is only possible if spawning enemies on a map can be affected by plot bools.
- A bigger build up to the Rachni mission, perhaps involving emails and Shadow Broker messages making subtle references to Rachni ships or other telltale factors that point to them appearing.
- If you save the Rachni, then save the Rachni Queen -again- during the ME3 Rachni mission, then perhaps the Queen could send an email to Shepherd thanking him for saving her… obviously not written by her, but someone like that Asari who the queen was using in ME2. Though it would be funny to imagine the Rachni Queen trying to use a tiny little keyboard :D
- Just having more content about the Rachni would help, whether it’s emails or broker messages, just something to make the choice in ME1 more meaningful.
- I’d love to see Reaper forces changing depending upon the ME1 choice, but I can’t see it being possible to change enemy spawns depending upon conditionals and plot bools. Sadly. :(

This is far from complete, but I've enjoyed writing this up so far. The sad bit is just how few things seem to be possible to add in, I feel I'm more often writing that it's not do-able than saying it is. Ah well. I'll add to this gradually.

The original threads are here:

Missed Opportunities, Patch Fixes and Future DLC Storylines
How to Fix the Game Through Patching


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