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Posting in the Proper Forum

Postby giftfish » 23 Aug 2016, 21:10

This is something I'm now going to start cracking down on.

The bulk of the forum restructure has been finished for months. People should understand the new structure of boards at this point. There's a lingering issue with the Textures and Meshes section, and I promise, I'll get that taken care of this weekend so the overhaul is fully complete.

Once that happens, it's no longer going to fly to just post in any area, say "I don't know if this is the right place, plz move", etc. All that does is create more work for forum staff. There has been a global stickied announcement in place since the overhaul started that covers what topics should be posted where. In addition, each board has an explicit description. Literally the only way to be confused about this is if you fail to read this information. As with anything, even if you fail to read the instructions, you are still responsible for your behavior and how it relates to the contents of those instructions. The General Policies thread is essentially our TOS.

After I deal with the Textures & Meshes area this weekend, if you post in the wrong forum:

1. Your thread will be locked and archived with a brief, one sentence explanation. A shadow topic will be left in place for a short, unspecified duration of time.

2. If you try to avoid this by cross-posting, all threads in the wrong location will be immediately deleted and a warning provided in the thread that's in the correct location. If there is no thread in the correct location, one thread in the wrong location will be archived and locked as in #1 above.


If you have a question related to the sticky or the descriptions, feel free to ask for clarification in this thread. I'm happy to add to/edit descriptions to ensure they are clear :)

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