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Unused Object, Cluster, System and Planet Index - Done?

General chat about Mass Effect or otherwise.

Unused Object, Cluster, System and Planet Index - Done?

Postby Sil » 06 Sep 2016, 09:50

I've placed this here as it is not a mod request or an idea, it's a gathering of information that modders could use to add new places, assignments and war assets to the game should they wish. It's an information resource and I'd be more than happy if anyone provided information that I have not yet come across.

I'll be using masseffect.wikia as a resource, I know it is not always the most reliable of places, but I'll attempt to weed out any little bits of rubbish I come across. I'm going to be updating this over the next few days frequently. Just a quick note to go with this, there are many planets that don't have star systems, I won't be placing their theoretical star systems into this list, just the planets.

Clusters and Relays

Andura Sector

- There are little references to this sector
- The fifth fleet of the Systems Alliance was waiting in this sector before the Battle of the Citadel
- I'd assume it is a cluster because it must have had a relay, otherwise the fleet would've have gotten to the Citadel so quickly

Kappa Iota Mass Relay

- A charted, rarely used relay that predates the Rachni War
- Abandoned due to highly lethal radiation found on the other side
- On the other side is a Neutron Star called Turix, it seems this is the only place it leads to as small doses of radiation pass through the relay
- Leads directly to a globular cluster roughly 18,000 light years from Earth
- Questions arose regarding why a relay would be built so close to such an energetic star

Lowas Mass Relay

- Two researchers attempted to tamper with the relay to access command switches embedded in it

Mactare Relay

- It has one confirmed planet called Taetrus, a well-established turian colony world
- Though Mactare is a star system, it is confirmed to have a relay that connects to the Apien Crest as the turians attempt to liberate the colony from Reaper assault via mass relay

Meade Cluster

- Ellis Valterus was duarch of the Meade Cluster
- Since Valterus was a turian, it's possible it was a turian controlled sector

Motan Cluster

- The only place I've seen this is in the cluster page of the mass effect wikia, I've no idea what source they used for that

Nemean Abyss

- A region of space further away from the jurisdiction of the citadel than the terminus systems
- A lawless region filled with pirates, mercenaries and bounty hunters
- Considered the darkest part of the galaxy that humans don't often go to, though there are scattered colonies
- There is a sizeable batarian presence in the Abyss, during Mass Effect Galaxy an army was being trained here
- The Abyss is noted as being rich in Element Zero
- There are wild theories that say ships made of Eezo are found in the Abyss, highly likely to be an urban myth but you never know
- The Ahn'kedar Orbital Platform, Cartagena Station, Bekke and Tortuga are all noteworthy places in the Abyss
- The only map I could find seems very confused, almost as if the Nemean Abyss is a sector of space like the Terminus Systems, but it makes more sense as its own cluster to me.

Seinhand Mass Relay

- Listed as part of the mass relay traffic reports, all that is known is that it had a 43% decrease in traffic

Shanxi-Theta Mass Relay

- An expedition sent from Shanxi through the relay was destroyed, leading to the First Contact War
- Part of a regular route between Nos Astra on Illium and the planet Shanxi
- Mass Relay Traffic Reports list Shanxi-Theta Relay as unavailable during Mass Effect 3
- The planet Shanxi is in the same star system
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Re: Unused Object, Cluster, System and Planet Index - Updati

Postby Sil » 06 Sep 2016, 11:04

Star Systems

61 Ursae Majoris System

- Only one known planet in Mass Effect called Sirona
- Real world knowledge points the star being smaller and fainter than Sol
- Lies in the constellation Ursa Major
- Roughly 31 light years from earth, puts it in the Local Cluster perhaps?

Alpha Centauri

- A binary star system that is a real system, approximately 4 light years from earth
- The Manswell Expedition departed earth to travel to this star system, eventually settling on a planet
- The colony was considered lost, until an asari science expedition studying a primitive species on the planet uncovered the colony


- Considered to be part of Salarian space. Could it be a system in the Annos Basin?
- The Virtual Aliens first appeared in Citadel Space here, their ark traveled 8,000 years from dying star system to reach Antilin
- A "veil of secrecy" was established around the Ghost Ship of Antilin, the virtual aliens' home, so it is likely the system was closed to almost all traffic


- Located inside the Terminus Systems
- Has one known planet Kopanis
- Home to the followers of the Strata Pact, a fanatical anti-technology group that have cut themselves off from the wider galactic community

SM2183 Rua

- A Red Supergiant Star
- The only known planet in orbit, DC1938, was destroyed by core fusion, wiping out its highly advanced occupants
- Technically an easter egg regarding Superman


- It is a neutron star
- This links by relay to the Kappa Iota Mass Relay
- It has approximately twice the mass of Sol, but its radius is only 15.8km, and it spins at 24% of the speed of light
- Highly lethal radiation has made it almost impossible to explore, only one probe has managed to do so, star systems linked to this one must be entirely unknown

Venoss System

- Only one planet is known, it is called Shelba
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Re: Unused Object, Cluster, System and Planet Index - Updati

Postby Sil » 06 Sep 2016, 11:53

Planets, Moons and Colonies



- Judging by the names and the content, it appears to be an Asari world
- Appears to be a monarchy here, as there is a Royal Centre for Education and the Arts


- Has Element Zero processing plants
- Judging from the names of the people on the planet, I'd say it was an asari colony world



- A human colony on the outskirts of Systems Alliance space
- In 2177 thresher maws wiped out the pioneer team setting up the colony, it then wiped out a marine unit sent to investigate except for one man
- Commander Shepard is that one survivor in one of his possible histories
- Evidence suggests that Cerberus was behind bringing the thresher maws to the colony and to the marines, as a test
- If Shepard was the survivor then a memorial is built to him on Akuze following his death


- Home to Ashley Williams mother and sisters', likely not her birth world because her family moved around a lot
- Amaterasu is a main deity from Shintoism, colony could be potentially made from Japanese migrants or the planets around it would be named after other deities in Shintoism
- It is one of the smaller alliance colonies
- About a dozen light years from Czarnobóg Fleet Depot
- Has a shipping network with Nos Astra, Illium
- The shipping lane is not closed down during Mass Effect 2 unlike most other human colonies, which means it could be found in the Local Cluster or the Arcturus Stream, places of heavy Systems Alliance protection


- An Alliance colony that was near to the Migrant Fleet in 2183


- First exosolar colony founded by humans, colonised before any other beyond the Charon Relay
- A garden world
- Located in the Local Cluster, within distance of Sol through conventional FTL drives
- Investment money for this colony raised by Delta Pavonis Foundation
- Home to the Ross School of Art


- Has fresh air, clean rivers and hospitable climate
- They don't accept credits here as they want to establish themselves alone first, and to discourage those who aren't true colonists and also raiders
- They use a bartering system in place of credits


- Potentially a former batarian colony world due to 100,000 artillery shells and other explosives being found that date back to a battle between batarians and citadel forces 70 years previously
- The planet has palladium, enough for mining it large scale
- It appears to be a human colony now, due to the name of the miner who found the shells
- Potentially in the Skyllian Verge? Humans taking former batarian worlds would have provoked them


- A gas giant
- It has a moon called Cyrene which had a human colony on it, this was abducted by the Collectors
- A transit station between the Titan Nebula and the remainder of the Terminus Systems

Manswell Expedition

- Lost human colony found in the Alpha Centauri star system
- Share their world with primitive aliens, asari science teams were researching these when they uncovered the lost colony
- Colony founded by Victor Manswell, a billionaire frustrated with the pace of official space exploration
- First contact protocols used by the Systems Alliance to introduce the colonists to the galaxy carefully
- Colony was split on how to react to the rest of the galaxy


- A farming colony in the Attican Traverse
- Raided by batarian slavers who slaughtered most of the colony
- One of Commander Shepards origin stories
- Rebuilt following the atrocity
- Regular shuttle route to Nos Astra, Illium


- Has 90% average humidity across the planet
- The planetary governor wants to grow the non-native plant Ossilbir, which caused riots among those worried it would cause a catastrophe to the native ecosystem
- Had a population of 4,000 but had an immigration freeze after the plant Ossilbir was found to grow mold with hallucinogenic properties


- Named either for Shanxi or Shaanxi, historically and culturally important provinces in china. Potentially a chinese colony?
- It is the only human colony to have ever been occupied by an alien race
- Likely a highly developed colony as it had whole city blocks which were wiped out by the turians in the First Contact War
- Has a regular shuttle route to Nos Astra, Illium, which is cancelled in ME2 because of Collector attacks
- Information regarding this system is "unavailable" during Mass Effect 3


- Birthworld of Ashley Williams
- The star is 61 Ursae Majoris, a real star that is dimmer than our own


- A recent natural disaster has rendered most natural water sources toxic by bacteria released into underground reservoirs
- Has a population of 3,500
- A twelve year old colony


- Jokers homeworld, it is a small human colony
- Colonists spread across the continent, asari commandos attempted to evacuate them from the planet during the Reaper War
- Jokers father and 15 year old sister were on the planet, they died in the war
- Several evacuation ships carried children off-world to salarian colonies. Potentially near to the Annos Basin, or even within it?


- It is a moon, the planet it orbits is unknown
- Due to the names, I would say Voya is a human colony
- It has a microgravity water park
- It appears to be a major tourism destination


- Systems Alliance colony
- In 2170 an Eldfell-Ashland Energy vessel exploded, exposing the colony to dust-form element zero, this "industrial accident" was orchestrated by The Illusive Man
- As a result of the explosion, thirty-seven healthy humans developed biotic abilities, many others were born with defects
- Gillian Grayson was born here, exposed in utero to element zero
- Assumed population is well into the thousands, if not millions



- A salarian colony that was wiped out by thresher maws
- The story of the death of the colony was turned into a mostly-true suspense thriller called "The Demon and the Nightmare"


- Formerly a Krogan colony world
- Now a salarian STG outpost which acts as a base for operations against Reaper forces
- Found in Inner Council Space

Gorot II

- Birth world of Ledra, the salarian merchant on Feros


- One of the first three salarian colonies
- According to Captain Kirrahe, it remains at the heart of salarian territory to this day


- One of the first three salarian colonies
- According to Captain Kirrahe, it remains at the heart of salarian territory to this day
- At some point League of One members died in defence of this colony
- Has a parliament
- Four centuries ago batarians bombed the colony, asari rescued cultural artefacts


- Capital city is Aegohr, one of the first three salarian colonies
- 200 slavers were arrested here by a Spectre
- According to Captain Kirrahe, Aegohr remains at the heart of salarian territory to this day


- Birth world of Administrator Anoleis


- It is a salarian colony
- During the Reaper War, unstable weather is threatening the egg clutches of this colony
- The assignment relating to this colony mentions that they may have to evacuate if they cannot fix the machines keeping the egg clutches warm, this and the unstable weather could put them on a world that is a lot colder than they would naturally live on
- A war asset update mentions that once its eggs are safe it will ship all weapons and materials it can to the third fleet, maybe this is an industrial colony



- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- Turian outpost in the Unification War


- This planet is found in the Mactare system, it fell into a bloody separatist war shortly before the Reaper War began
- Cities on the planet include Vallum, Iratiana, Spaedar, Madra and Regeris
- Conflict started when a ship was flown into the ground at FTL speeds in Vallum, killing tens of thousands
- It likely had a very large population, and was only one relay jump away from the homeworld
- When the Reapers invaded they broadcast videos of their victory over Taetrus on Palaven
- While the Reapers were attacking Taetrus (and hadn't yet reached Palaven, I guess placing it in the direction of the Local Cluster and the Kite's Nest), the turians sent 4 fleets to relieve the colony, all four fleets were wiped out. They were the 29th, 30th, 31st and 32nd turian fleets.


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War


- Turian colony that fought in the Unification War

Other Species


- A moon around Dranen that is being terraformed for Volus to occupy


- Belan means "Undercurrent"
- A garden world colonised by the hanar, although non-hanar races live here too
- Has one moon and an orbital platform called Shining Sky
- Major cities include New Plentiful and Whitecap
- Devastated by a passing extrasolar comet CR1331 Kingu, leading to massive loss of life
- Each month is six earth weeks long


- A small Volus colony
- Part of a volus controlled system that is on the edge of Council space
- The colony has a spaceport
- They don't seem to be fond of the Migrant Fleet, as in 2183 they petition the Council to move them on from the system


- A small garden world that imploded from Core Fusion, killing all but one of its 5 billion inhabitants
- Once orbited the star SM2183 Rua


- This planet has notorious prisoner of war camps


- An arid world
- Beetle-like invertebrates live on the planet that can use biotics, they are called the Kirik


- An ancient quarian colony abandoned during the Geth Uprising
- Has a massive sensor array that can track ship movements across multiple systems
- Is found in the Attican Traverse


- Homeworld of the Yahg
- When the Council tried to bring the Yahg into the galactic community, the Yahg wiped out their delegation because they acted as equals and not subordinates
- The Yahg are the Apex predator on the planet and are exceptionally violent and obsessed with control, the rest of the ecosystem could be just as violent and severe
- The planet is off-limits under orders by the Council


- It's a moon
- A heavily defended stronghold for batarian forces and criminal gangs
- After the Skyllian Blitz the Alliance came here in force, taking heavy losses but completely annihilating the batarians here
- If Shepard is Ruthless, he is known as the "Butcher of Torfan" for shooting batarians who surrendered
- After their loss here, the batarians withdrew from council space


- Homeworld of the Raloi
- Potentially in asari space due to an asari cruiser discovering them
- Ships are prohibited from landing to avoid spreading disease to the Raloi, but there is open dialogue between them and the rest of the galaxy
- When the Reapers invaded, the Raloi hid away and destroyed their satellites

Nemean Abyss


- The station above the planet is called Ahn'Kedar Orbital Platform, but the planet goes unnamed. It could be that Ahn'Kedar is the planet name, and the station is named for the planet
- Found in the Nemean Abyss
- There are a high number of batarians in the area


- A planet in the Nemean Abyss that was shown in Mass Effect Galaxy
- A mining colony, likely batarian controlled
- Apparently a batarian army was forming here

Unnamed Planet near to Cartagena Station

- Found in Mass Effect Galaxy
- In the Nemean Abyss
- The planet looks about as inhabitable as Luna


- Located in the Nemean Abyss
- A major port of call for pirates, slavers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and smugglers, much like the real world Tortuga
- Seems to have a good level of development as there is a city here
- From Mass Effect Galaxy

Terminus Systems

Fehl Prime

- A human colony that was in the Terminus Systems
- One of the top producers of Pharmaceuticals for the Systems Alliance, making its defence a top priority for them
- All the colonists were abducted by the Collectors during the events of Mass Effect 2
- The site of an intact and functional prothean interstellar communication device believed to be 70,000 years old

Ferris Fields

- A human colony in the Terminus Systems
- The name suggests that it was a garden world, it's unlikely you'd call a desert, ice or atmosphere-less planet Ferris Fields
- This colony is near to New Canton
- It was abducted by the Collectors


- Found in the Jornous star system
- It is a known haven for the followers of the fanatical anti-technology group Strata Pact
- The colony took a beating from Eclipse Mercenaries after a billionaires son was killed by the Strata Pact
- The colony had cut themselves off from the wider galactic community, apparently, despite having accusations of them committing terrorism

New Canton

- A human colony in the Terminus Systems
- Close to Ferris Fields
- Colonists were all abducted by the Collectors

Unknown/Unassigned/Multiple Species

433 Spidau

- This planet is found in the Nubian Expanse
- Its inhabitants wiped themselves out through nuclear war over 1,000 years ago, it is the 7th planet discovered to have civilisation destroyed by nuclear weapons
- There are ruins of at least 90 cities
- Hidden caches of advanced, but ancient, weapons were found on the surface, these disappeared in transit back to the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archelogical Research and the blame was pinned on salarian intelligence


- Used as an example of what can go wrong when non-native species are introduced to an ecosystem, it is mentioned as a garden world that is now almost uninhabitable

"Ice Giant"

- Randall Ezno is tasked with capturing a high value turian target, which I assume means that this planet must be somewhere that the turians have a vested interest in
- Geth attack the planet, could that mean it is more towards the Attican Traverse than turian space?
- It's an ice world, and according to that amazing name, it's giant.


- Has two moons; Yando and Budmi
- The capital city is called Phend


- Has only gravity at 70% of galactic standard
- The tallest building in the galaxy was built here, it is called Transworld 1 and has a zoo, an aquarium, three hotels, and lots of office space and shopping malls
- This planet is found somewhere in the Attican Traverse
- The name Transworld 1 sounds human to me, but I cannot confirm it


- Hosts the Inter-Colony Varren Kennel-Club Show
- Turians and the System Alliance held joint training missions on this planet, possibly in preparation for a confrontation with the batarian hegemony
- The planet has similar weather conditions to Khar'shan, the batarian homeworld
- Apparently it has harsh environments and extreme conditions where the training exercises were taking place


- Also known by the name Desert Planet in Mass Effect: Infilitrator. That game had a knack for catchy names
- There is a Cerberus outpost on this planet
- It's a desert


- Very little known about this place


- A colony shared between wealthy salarians and poor humans
- There were riots on the planet when water company AquaStructure didn't built water pipes for human districts but gave the salarians all the water they want


- A cold, uninhabited planet near the Venoss System


- Lifeless, low gravity world that used to support life
- A fossil of the largest creature to ever walk on land was discovered on this planet by geologists


- Fought over during the Krogan Rebellions, a mass grave of 430 turian soldiers has been found here from the time of that conflict
- The news article mentions that it was covered over by local flora, this makes it sound like a garden world
- Turian authorities were dealing with local colonists, the way it read to me was that it wasn't considered a turian world


- A medium gravity world
- SSV Shanghai rescued hundreds of colonists, leaving the capital city completely empty when the Reapers turned up
- Name for the capital is unknown


- Has a toxic atmosphere and low gravity
- Alliance soldiers must wear full survival gear at all times
- It has deposits of Element Zero, including mining stations
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Re: Unused Object, Cluster, System and Planet Index - Updati

Postby Sil » 06 Sep 2016, 11:58

Space Stations, Massive Space Ships, and Other Large Objects

Ahn'Kedar Orbital Platform

- From Mass Effect Galaxy
- Orbits an unnamed planet, potentially carrying the same name as the station
- A batarian 'research' station that turns out to have kidnapped researchers who are working on curing a disease the batarians bioengineered

"The Barn"

- A cerberus station located near the planet LV426
- Experiments on krogan, asari, humans and Reaper technology happen here during Mass Effect: Infiltrator. One of their experiments is a genetically and cybernetically augmented krogan called an X1
- Personnel under authority of an individual known as "The Director", not an ominous name at all
- The home base of Randall Ezno and Inali Renata
- Features a hanger bay, med bay, comm relay, and an AI

Cartagena Station

- Closest the Nemean Abyss has to a beacon of civilisation
- Frequently assaulted by pirates who take captives to ransom back to C-Pat, the local defence force
- A hive of scum, from the sounds of it
- Orbits an unnamed planet

Czernobóg Fleet Depot

- It is about a dozen light years from the colony Amaterasu

The Ghost Ship of Antilin

- First discovered by the salarians in the Antilin system
- Home to a billion virtual aliens in a virtual world, which is ran by an AI
- The salarians nearly fired on the ship fearing it was the geth
- The ship offered advanced technology in exchange for power
- It has been hidden in a 'veil of secrecy'

The Klendagon "Cannon"

- A weapon fired 37 million years ago that hit Reaper that Shepard boards during Mass Effect 2
- The mass accelerator round that was fired at the Reaper glanced the planet Klendagon, hence the name, this caused the Great Rift valley on the planet surface
- Traces of the race that fired it have not been found, though supposedly the weapon has, which could point to it having drifted from its original position if it had been an orbital weapon
- The Illusive Man makes a casual remark that the weapon is defunct, which always struck me as suspicious, especially in light of the countless times he lies to you throughout the series. I fully expected him to have teams working on getting it back online

Other Alien Species

Inhabitants of DC1938

- Five billion of these people were wiped out when their planet was destroyed, only one survived and was rescued by the MSV Kent
- They were a spacefaring race
- They made use of crystalline components for their computing needs


- Discovered on the planet Ekram
- It is a beetle-like invertebrate that can use biotics, this is surprising to researchers in the lore as insects weren't considered capable of using biotics
- The Kirik are discovered to have learning abilities as good as those of dolphins, and they communicate through biotic displays
- The Kirik were being considered for uplift


- An "offshoot" of the salarians
- They are not welcome in Council Space
- They can be found living on Omega, little else is known about them

Manswell Expedition Aliens

- Found on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri
- They're considered a primitive species, so they must have some form of civilisation, even the very beginnings of one
- Shared their planet with human colonists for 100 years
- They were being studied by the asari


- Avian species originating on the planet Turvess
- After launching their first space telescope they spotted an asari cruiser and they were soon welcomed into the galactic community
- Have to wear environmental suits when in contact with other alien races due to transfer of disease
- A Raloi delegation stayed at the Citadel for three months to learn all they could about the galaxy
- The face of their people on the Citadel was Representative Ari'ka
- They withdrew and hid from the Reapers, this is mentioned in a news report in ME3

Virtual Alien

- A race of one billion individuals who uploaded their minds into a virtual world on a starship to avoid the destruction of their civilisation
- Biological characteristics, and their true name, are unknown
- Led by Ambassador Sygen who speaks for her people on the Citadel, or did until she claimed asylum
- Have access to highly advanced technology that they are willing to trade to the Citadel in exchange for power and safety
- Time flows faster inside the virtual world, meaning those 8,000 years travelling the stars are vastly longer for them than they would be in the real world
- Have technology to upload minds into different bodies


- Originate from the planet Parnack
- Towering humanoids known for their intellect, and extremely violent behaviour and obsession with control
- An Apex predator
- At 20th century levels of technology and are pre-spaceflight
- A delegation set to welcome the Yahg to the galactic community was murdered when they tried to treat the Yahg as equals rather than their masters
- The Shadow Broker was a Yahg for 60 years before Liara killed him
- They have been unceremoniously barred from further dealings with the rest of the galaxy, the council declared Parnack off-limits and views the Yahg as poorly suited for integrating into the galactic community
- The salarians were considering uplifting them to fight the Reapers, much like how the Krogan were used to stop the Rachni

Vehicles, Organisations, Militant Groups, Mercenary Outfits and Other Potential War Assets

Systems Alliance

A-61 Mantis Gunship

- A staple of military forces across the galaxy
- Can be reconfigured into a number of different roles
- Houses an element zero core

2nd Frontier Division

- Ashley Williams was part of this division
- Formed of two marine brigades; the 212th and 232nd
- It was a garrison based on Eden Prime before being almost entirely wiped out by the Geth
- It would not be a surprise if the 2nd Frontier Division was re-created using fresh recruits

10th Frontier Division

- Led by Lieutenant Durand
- Based on Nepmos to monitor pirate activity
- Consists of the 3rd Brigade and 14th Infantry Regiment
- Experienced fighting the Rachni on the planet

F-61 Trident Fighter

- A mainstay of the Alliance Navy
- Deployed in deep-space engagements from Carriers
- Highly manoeuvrable in low atmosphere conditions

24th Fighter Group

- Received Galactic Unit Citation for their role in the Battle of the Citadel
- Part of the 5th Fleet
- First to engage the Reaper Sovereign
- Over 80% of them gave their lives distracting the Reaper and the Geth fleet from attacking the Destiny Ascension

MIT Extraterrestrial Studies Group

- They were involved in the virtual alien first contact scenario
- They were likely still in the Antilin system dealing with the Virtual Aliens when the Reapers invaded
- Could be useful for helping to understand the Crucible plans



- A large infantry fighting vehicle
- Has a mass accelerator
- Armour is strong enough to withstand a ten-ton bomb

Turian Empire

26th Armiger Legion

- A respected and feared frontline assault squad
- Use propulsion jetpacks in their armour to launch lightning raids

C77 Tyrus

- Used by the turians during the separatist conflict in Taetrus
- Manufactured by Armax
- Has kinetic barriers, armour and an eezo core
- Sounds like a light troop transport, or a vehicle of a similar style to a Mako

Hastatim Soldiers

- Assigned to crush civilian resistance
- Contain burial units and have access to ambulances
- Have an image problem where people view them as Death Squads


433 Spidau WMD's

- Salarians discovered advanced caches of weapons hidden in bunkers for 1,000 years, these were claimed by salarian intelligence

Arcturian Jade

- A large luxury passenger liner, much like the Grande Mar
- Found in Mass Effect Galaxy


- Small ten-man craft used to perform combat and survey missions


- Otherwise known as the Church of the Divine Plan
- Believe that the Citadel was constructed by the Protheans as a space ark to preserve life when gamma bursts happen
- Their annual income is over 900 million credits a year, and they believe the end of galactic life is coming at the end of the century
- C-Sec brands them as an apocalyptic cult, and is seriously concerned about the number of weapons this cult has gathered
- They were gaining ground on Earth, Palaven and Mannovai before the Reaper War


- Built by Hahne-Kedar specifically for security
- Less common than LOKI mechs but seen on colony worlds and in Blue Suns forces
- Possess advanced sensory equipment

Grande Mar

- A luxury liner which would likely be an immense ship, it could work as an asset for evacuating large numbers of civilians from planets


- Manufactured by Hahne-Kedar
- Used for guarding places, except by the Eclipse who tweak them to use as soldiers
- Capable of networking with FENRIS and YMIR Mechs
- Cheap


- An infanty fighting vehicle
- Used across the galaxy
- Has numerous variants, including missile artillery and APC versions

Orcus Mech

- A cerberus mech from Mass Effect Infiltrator
- Appears to be based on the LOKI Mech but augmented with technology reclaimed from the Collector Base

Ogre Mech

- A cerberus mech found in Mass Effect Infiltrator
- Based on the YMIR Mechs, but upgraded with experimental technology salvaged from the Collector Base


- A battle mech or heavy mech
- Frequently seen alongside LOKI mechs, these are used often by the Eclipse and Blue Suns mercenary groups
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