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How to use DDSImage

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How to use DDSImage

Postby AmaroK86 » 19 Apr 2013, 09:55

For programmers who wants to display dds images without using external programs like readdxt.exe, here's what you have to do to correctly use DDSImage:

first of all, include AmaroK86.ImageFormat in your project
Code: Select all
using AmaroK86.ImageFormat;

- You want to load a dds file image?
Code: Select all
// loads an image
string ddsFileName = "C:/an_image.dds";
DDSImage ddsImage = new DDSImage(ddsFileName);

PictureBox picBox = .... // initialize your picturebox
// now loads the image that best fits inside picBox,
// f.e. if picBox is 230x210 and dds has mipmaps (512x512, 256x256.... 4x4),
// ToPictureBox(...) will return a Bitmap of 256x256.
picBox.Image = ddsImage.ToPictureBox(picBox.Width, picBox.Height);

- You have a byte[] data of a specific image (most probably extracted from tfc archive) and don't want to create an instance of DDSImage?
Code: Select all
byte[] imageData = ... // image data (in this example you know that's a 1024x512 DXT1 image, IT MUSN'T HAVE MIPMAPS!)
DDSFormat ddsFormat = DDSFormat.DXT1 // other selections might be .DXT5 or .V8U8
Bitmap aBitmap = DDSImage.ToBitmap(imageData, ddsFormat, 1024, 512);
picBox.Image = aBitmap;

Enjoy it!
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