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Meshplorer Error "Not Implemented"

User-centric area for specific questions & problems related to using ME3Explorer tools. This is not a modding "how to" area. Read the sticky before posting!

Meshplorer Error "Not Implemented"

Postby Beelzebub2063 » 24 Oct 2016, 01:32

Hi everybody.
I hope I ask this question in the correct forum section.
I have a problem with the meshplorer.
He shows me the error message Not Implemented.
After I've exchanged a mesh.
My steps were as follows.

1 Load the PCC archives in Meshplorer (not Meshplorer2).
2 Select Skeletal Mesh.
3 Transfer.
4 Import from UDK.
5 Load UDK.
6 Select the UDK and LOD0.
7 Import LOD
8 "Done" window appears I click OK

In the game, however, the swapped model is invisible.
If I load the modded PCC archive again, and select the modded Skeletal Mesh, the Explorer crashes or it comes a message "Not Implemented".
What am I doing wrong?
Yesterday I could successfully change another Mesh with exactly the same method.

Sorry for my BAD English
May the Force be with Google Translator
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