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Crashing on load, unable to pinpoint why

Area for discussions related to meshes/models, 3D modeling programs, and the like. Can cross over into texture-related discussion. As with other non-toolset related areas, answers not guaranteed.

Crashing on load, unable to pinpoint why

Postby ElysiumFic » 04 Nov 2016, 01:54

Okay for some reason I still can't post in the modders help forum even though I think by now I can call myself a modder, so I'm putting this here.

So, after taking the summer and autumn off to deal with major Real Life Stuff, I'm finally back and able to continue working on my series DLC hair and clothing mods that I released in the spring. Unfortunately, over those six months or so, I appear to have forgotten something and I have no idea what, because now the mods I'm making using the exact same process (I think) that I used before my hiatus are crashing when I try to load the game, and I can't figure out why.

Basically, what I'm doing is re-making my hair DLC mods with textures that have been tweaked to fix some color and transparency issues. So, take, for example, my mod DLC_CON_ASGf01 (http://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/aj ... le?id=1721.) That version there on Nexus? Works fine. I tested it and it's perfect, which also tells me my savegame edit settings are correct.

Then I do the following:

  • Take that working DLC and remove ONLY the PCC and TFC files. Everything else stays, since none of that should require any editing.
  • Replace the PCC with a vanilla(ish, can explain why but it shouldn't be relevant here) version that has been renamed to the custom filename I use for my hair mods (I've double- and triple-checked to make sure the PCC is the same custom filename that I used in my savegame edit because usually this is the cause of the game crashing on load, so that isn't the case this time)
  • Using MeshPlorer, I replace the CustomCute mesh with the modded mesh upk and save
  • Using Texplorer, I rebuild my tree, and replace the texture with the modded texture
  • Move CustTexture0.tfc out of the CookedPCConsole directory into the DLC folder and rename it Textures_DLC_CON_ASGf01.tfc
  • Using Package Editor, add the name Textures_DLC_CON_ASGf01 and then edit the properties of the texture I replaced (ProShort_Diff) so that it refers to that TFC filename instead of CustTexture0
  • AutoTOC and test.
  • Game crashes on loading when I try to test.

This is the exact process I used LITERALLY THOUSANDS of times this spring when I was learning and testing and tweaking and finalizing these mods. I have no idea what I'm missing, but I suspect it's something so stupidly obvious that I can't see it because I'm so used to this process working. Or it's something stupidly simple that I've just forgotten in the months I was away.

I even went back to the version of the toolkit I was last using this spring to make sure it wasn't the new version of the toolkit and it didn't help.

I also went back and tested using the original source files, the same ones I used on the older version of the mod that DOES work, just to eliminate the possibility that I screwed something up when editing the texture in Photoshop (especially since the recent version of Photoshop no longer seems to want to play nice with the old nVidia DDS plug-in so I had to switch to the newer Intel version and I wasn't quite sure I was doing that right.) But even using untouched version of the source files, which again worked just fine in the older version of the mod, I'm still having trouble.

If anyone wants to look at the version that is crashing and see if they can spot what I'm missing, I've upload it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwKYI ... TZ2TlRsVjg.

(Feel free also to start a betting pool on how stupid I'm going to feel when it turns out to be something I totally should have been able to catch after going around and around with it for 24 hours and haven't.)
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Re: Crashing on load, unable to pinpoint why

Postby giftfish » 04 Nov 2016, 15:17

@ElysiumFic -- With the erection of the new Texture and Meshes area, the Toolset Modders area is now specifically for content modders and information related to content modding. So far, you are a texture and mesh modder and your question above relates to texture and mesh modding. Therefore, this thread belongs in the Texture and Mesh area, which is where it's being moved to.

If you have further questions related to groups and forum structure, ElysiumFic, take a look at the Start Here post.
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Re: Crashing on load, unable to pinpoint why

Postby Kinkojiro » 05 Nov 2016, 11:53

Elysian - hopefully one of these might help:

- using Heffs binkw32 logger is a good way to narrow down crashing reasons.
- a crash is often caused by a bad name or object reference - check the mesh material reference.
- Mellin who works with me on EGM has problems with meshplorer 3 and UDK. I don't. What version of me3explorer are you using? It might be worth seeing if an older version works.
- check the simple things - there isn't another file that is causing the crash, you only have one copy of the tfc etc
- 'use Microsoft program logger to check which file is causing the issue - is it the tfc or the pcc.
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Re: Crashing on load, unable to pinpoint why

Postby ElysiumFic » 06 Nov 2016, 23:12

Thanks, @Kinkojiro, I will look into those.
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