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Texplorer Tree Scan

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Texplorer Tree Scan

Postby nephthysmoon » 13 Nov 2016, 16:43

First, this is what happens when you have to go away for a while - everything changes and you're going WTF! I'd installed v2.0 when I needed to step away for health reasons and a casual mention from a good friend made me realize I hadn't checked to see if some of the larger mods I had (EGM, for example) were updated. Sure enough, they were, but holy crap, now I needed v3.0

Now, I'm not completely ruling out user error, here. It's not impossible - nay, it could even be probable. I'm also not ruling out hardware malfunction. My machine, while still fairly robust, is getting on in years. The processor, especially, could use an upgrade. Next year, perhaps.

Point is, I installed v3.0, uninstalled all my other versions (I must have had five in various places, btw, different revs of the older toolset), and looked happily at this. IT'S SO SHINY AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Or, you know, I would be if I could get a bloody tree scan out of it.

Four times yesterday I attempted to run a tree scan. First time, I allowed it to scan all of my DLC (various mods basically had me at 33 DLC and I realize that's a lot). Second time, I unchecked all but Back Off and EGM and tried again. Third time, I manually removed all custom DLC but Back Off and EGM. Fourth time, I manually removed ALL custom DLC and attempted to tree scan.

Each time, the toolset hung on a different PCC during the scanning process (the one I remember was a CerJac from the base game, but I know it was a different one the third time) - the toolset quit working and needed to close, according to windows. As such, there was no way to save my debug log, no information to pass along.

Again, not discounting an error on my part or even a failure in my hardware. For all I know it could be a corruption in my old vanilla files, so I'm actually downloading the game from origin and I will try again. Any suggestions on solutions would be great. I really want to see what awesome changes have been made with EGM and this is turning into an entire weekend affair.

Also hi everyone! I've missed you!
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Re: Texplorer Tree Scan

Postby KFreon » 13 Nov 2016, 22:58

Welcome back! :)

Firstly, this kind of thing should go here now.
But quickly, all I can suggest is vanilla :(
This won't get fixed till I get my rewrite out, which won't be for quite a while yet.

Also, I'll close this thread in a few days.
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