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[SOLVED] Texplorer Confusion

User-centric area for specific questions & problems related to using ME3Explorer tools. This is not a modding "how to" area. Read the sticky before posting!

[SOLVED] Texplorer Confusion

Postby NightChild » 23 Nov 2016, 05:14

maybe some one can explain this to me because i'm easily confused. the texplorer rules on the wiki state that:
    The base game and all BioWare DLC should always be clean of modded textures prior to a scan.
    Content mods may be installed into the base game/BW DLC, but these files cannot have texture modifications.
    To apply new textures to content mods (MEHEM, ThaneMOD), you *must* install the content mod PRIOR to scanning.
    DLC mods may add/change textures via new TFCs & PCCs. Scanning on these mods is okay.

I'm planning to install both MEHEM and ThaneMOD (along with others) and this seems a bit contradictory. as does the bright yellow warning under the "preparation" subheading that I cant scan texture modded files.
according to this, I have to install content mods before texture mods, but am I supposed to scan the base game and dlc first beforehand as some of these mods will affect texture on installation?
this is the first time i've ever modded the game (I previously thought they were unmoddable)
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Re: Texplorer Confusion

Postby giftfish » 23 Nov 2016, 16:00

@Nightchild -- I'm the author of ThaneMOD.

1. All game files are *normally* scanned at the same time. Recent versions of Texplorer have an "Add DLC to Tree" functionality if you install new DLC mods after the scan, but that's not something you need to worry about right now.

2. "Texture-modded" files means game files that YOU have installed textures into.

3. MEHEM and ThaneMOD are DLC content ("story/gameplay") mods. Neither happen to contain texture modifications, but the important thing is that YOU have not installed textures into them. That means they are in the proper state to be scanned with Texplorer. If you don't scan them, then you cannot mod them with textures later.

4. Once you scan on ThaneMOD and then install any of the supplied textures, you CANNOT scan on the DLC mod, since YOU have texture-modded it. Scanning will result in what we call "modded" or "non-vanilla" hashes. These are bad.


A couple other comments:

1. DLC mods with built in textures are scannable because the authors have built NEW textures into the game; they aren't replacing anything.

2. The TMv2.0 install guide is two years old and highly deprecated. It was created before the ME3Explorer wiki existed, and is of course based on a very old version of the toolset. When it comes to Texplorer scanning, installing textures, and TOCing, follow the information in the wiki, instead.
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Re: Texplorer Confusion

Postby NightChild » 23 Nov 2016, 17:57

Thank you so much for clarifying all of that! I greatly appreciate it and can now proceed with modding. I think i'll bookmark this post as future reference so I can make it a checklist to avoid error.
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