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[Tutorial] Simple voice file swaps

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[Tutorial] Simple voice file swaps

Postby Inquiring » 23 Feb 2013, 07:51

1. Open up PCC editor (I use 2.0) in Mass Effect explorer.
2. Open a .pcc file with the suffix LOC_INT (for english versions).
3. Scroll through the export list until you find stuff ending in "_Play." For example, VO_708625_m_Play. Note that number there - 708625. If you search for that number in ME3's tlk file or you open that file in soundplorer (or search for the number in your extracted audio folder), you'll find out what is said.
4. After you've selected one of these things in the pcc editor, click on view > properties. You'll see a data field for "ID."

5. Let's say VO_708625_m_Play is "Okay" and "VO_709000_m_Play" is "No." If you took the ID number from VO_708625 and used it to replace the ID number in "VO_709000_m_Play," and then loaded up the game, you'd hear "No" instead of the "Okay" you'd hear normally.

6. You'll also want to employ the number of the "DurationMilliseconds" field so that audio isn't cut off.

This only changes what is heard, not lip sync or subtitles, so if you're not pairing this method with other techniques, it's most ideal for speakers whom you do not directly see speaking (like radio chatter, epilogue speech, etc). If you want to change subtitles, you can always use the tlk editor in explorer.

I'm currently looking into more advanced and larger changes into dialog ending, but this is what I've found so far (that I could compile into a tutorial).

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Re: Simple voice file swaps

Postby Chashan » 26 Apr 2013, 07:51

Not quite related, but...

Based on your instructions on how to 'voice' gender-exclusive dialogue found here:


I tried to do likewise in Ashley's Romance-scene. Now, after stupid me finally figured that I indeed needed to look at that one's 'Player_M' and 'Player_F'-entries at 468 and 469 instead of the 'Owner'-ones - I did so since the latter had a more overlapping structure, editing Owner_F yielded no noticable results, however -, I noticed that they are nowhere near as conveniently set up as your example.
Skimming through the hex I did notice sound-entries definitely being referenced in Player_M that are absent in Player_F, such as norcat_cat4_romculm_ash_m_D.Audio.VO_652577_m_Play at about 00001F60 in hex.
My question would then be how I would best approach placing these entries which appear to be related to 'activating' those audio-files into the otherwise differing structure of 468 without breaking too much. I already tried copying over the entirety of 469's hex into 468, which only resulted in either ME3Explorer or the game itself crashing.
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