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How to add custom armour tints

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How to add custom armour tints

Postby Emeraldfern » 15 Oct 2013, 03:13

Tutorial - Custom armour tints by Coalesced editing.

^ What it says on the tin - you'll learn how to create custom tint colours for Shepard's armour, and if you're feeling brave, you can perhaps even use it for editing MP tints as well.
(Admins/Mods: I wasn't sure if this fits in the Coalesced category or the Tutorial category, so if I placed this in the wrong place I apologize)

What you will need:

A ME3 Coalesced editor. (In the tutorial I'm using Wenchy's-but ME3Explorer's should also do the trick)
Optional: Gibbed's save editor.

Open up Coalesced.

Go to biogame.ini->sfxgame->sfxplayercustomization, as shown below.


Inside you'll find the following entries:


The following are the entries we are interested in when editing tints:

emissiveappearances = Lights
patterncolorappearances = Pattern tint
tint1appearnces = Tint 1
tint2appearances = Tint 2

To start, we will add a light:

We begin by adding the entry, easiest way would be to copy/paste another entry, just make sure that the "ID=##" part is edited to be +1 of the last entry, so "ID=14" in this case.


Second, you have to pick the colour you want. To do this you can either:

A: Pick a colour in a common RGB 256 colour picker. Then convert it to %. And lastly, convert the % to Decimal.

B: Pick a colour with a RGB % picker, then convert to Decimal.

C: Using the colour picker in Gibbed.

(I'm going to use Gibbed since I had it open while writing this tutorial anyway)

So, in the case of using option C: Open up Gibbed, and go to the "Player->Appearances->Color" tab.
Click on "Add color". Enter any name you want (just remember the name-we will need it later). In the example, I have named mine "Lime-Light". Click on your newly added entry. The color picker should pop-up, so pick your color.


Tip: In the case of lights, you should keep in mind that the darker the colour = less glow. Black turns the lights "off". The more saturated the colour, the more "neon-ish" effect, a bit more value and the colour has a more natural look.

So, now that the colour has been picked, what now?

Go to the "Raw->Squad->Player->Appearance->Morph Head->Vector Parameters"


In the Vector Parameter list, find the name of the entry you picked earlier, look in its properties window and expand the RGB values:


Note: The RGBA values are listed with A=Alpha at the top, B=Blue, G=Green and R=Red at the bottom. You can ignore the Alpha value-it is always 1.000000 for tints.

If you look closely at the Coalesced entry, you will find that the format for the RGBA value is presented in a specific format; R: #.###### G: #.###### B: #.###### A: #.######.

Also, if you used Gibbed as your colour picker, do note that the RGBA values in Gibbed can be longer than the entries in Coalesced.bin, if that's the case, I recommend removing the last digits so they're the same length as Coalesced's values. (I'm not 100% sure if it actually is necessary to have the exact same length, but better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, directly copy/pasting from Gibbed will produce an error in-game since in Coalesced the format is "#.######" while in Gibbed it's "#,######"- double check that it's correct if you're directly copy/pasting the values, if it's incorrect, the tint won't look right.

For example, this is what the full correct entry reads as in the case of this "Lime-Light" example:


Note that the ID is Id=14. As stated, you should always pick a number that's +1 from the last entry's ID, otherwise it won't work. In my case the last one was 13, so for this entry it's 14.

And this is what it looks like in Coalesced after copy/pasting the (correct) entry:


Once you're done adding tints, save your Coalesced.bin file. You can now test the tint in-game.


Would you look at that! A shiny Lime-light!

And that was a basic light tint, the same procedure should work for PatternColor, Tint2, and Tint1.

But, there's one more kind of tint that you'll come across in the list for Tint1, tints that besides "Tint Parameter", have a "Phong Parameter" as well. In game these tints look like this:


The Phong parameter adds a "pearlescent" effect, in order to create a tint like that, you'll need a secondary colour to act as the "pearlescence" colour.

Once you've picked your "pearlescence" colour, you can add the RGB values in the "Phong parameter" the same way the RGB values for the "Tint Parameter" was added. And tadaa! You've added a pearlescent tint!

A few examples of such added tints:


As seen on the far right, adding a contrasting colour in the "Phong parameter" can make for interesting combinations.

Well, the above covers the SP tints...but, what about MP tints?

*-Obligatory disclaimer/ As always when modding MP things, you do so at your own peril, I'm not taking responsibility if BioWare/EA bans you as a result of modding tints./End obligatory disclaimer-*

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way: MP tints essentially work the same as SP tints do as far as I can tell (Note: I don't play MP personally), so in theory, you should be able to add MP tints as well by using the same method as above, just substitute the SP tint lists for the MP tint lists.

The lists MP tints are located in, can be found under: "biogame.ini->sfxgame->sfxgamempcontent->sfxplayercustomizationmp".

And these are the relevant entries:

emissiveappearances = Lights
tint1appearances = Tint 1
tint2appearances = Tint 2
patterncolorappearances = Pattern tint

MP also has two additional categories that SP doesn't have:

skintoneappearances= Skintone?
phongappearances= Probably some kind of "pearlescent" tints. I have no idea what they're called in-game though (or what they look like).

And that covers the tutorial on tints I suppose, if you want to share your tints that would be cool, just copy your finished tint entry and post it in this thread! Or not, it's up to you after all. :P

Addendum: It may be possible to add tints in ME2 as well-but I haven't tried doing that yet so, who knows? For now anyway.

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Re: How to add custom armour tints

Postby WarrantyVoider » 15 Oct 2013, 14:36

moved this to tutorials :D

greetz WV
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