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CR: TOC.bin Shrinking

Technical research related to the structure of Mass Effect game files.

CR: TOC.bin Shrinking

Postby WarrantyVoider » 06 Jan 2014, 19:25

cool, I found a way to shrink my TOC.bin and make it easier to add files:

here the first bytes explained
-int32 magic number
-int32 always zero
-int32 chunk count

well this is the header and is followed by a chunklist, one entry is
-int32 offset to entry from *here*
-int32 entries count

so a TOC file works like this:
from the chunklist you get the offset to the start of the first entry and then read as many entries as specified in the chunk. So usually 3 to 4 entries are grouped to chunks. Now I could write a chunk for each file or one for all. I decided for the latter one, so I only have to update one counter :D


red is the chunk counter, this will stay 1
green is the first offset, as you start reding it from 0xC and it says 0x8 bytes on, you start at 0x14 (after blue)
blue is the count of entries in this chunk, well I took all :D

now each entry works like this:
-int16 bytes till next entry (zero for last one)
-int16 flags
-int32 file size
-byte[20] 20 bytes SHA1 Hash (unused afaik)
-string filepath (zero terminated string)

so maybe I can make an editor for more than just filesize :D

credits: most understanding taken from AKs code in TOCEditorAK and my own trial&error

greetz WV
always backup your files!
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