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Postby Phnx » 15 Jan 2014, 06:10

Hi, I'm Phnx. I found this site looking for ME3 mods. Seems I've come to the right place. I can't believe how much modding ME3 is already possible.

I've played the whole trilogy and I'm thrilled to see that "real" (no texmod'ding) is finally possible. I started modding games a long time ago making minor mods like texture edits or mashing meshs together in Nifskope for Beth's games. You can find some of my mods on the Nexus. I've modded ME2 only making changes to saved games with Gibbed's neat tools.

One day I'd really like to see a "sandbox" mod for ME3 where can just roam around the galaxy replaying missions like random encounters or even play MP maps with your favourite companions in SP.

Well, that's me. See you around. :)

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