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Thought I ought to say hi

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Thought I ought to say hi

Postby tbpierrot » 22 Jan 2014, 12:52

Hi, I've been bothering a few people around the forums over the last few days, still trying to figure out how this all works but thought I'd come introduce myself now in case I do end up getting more involved in all this once my current playthrough is over.
Quick points about me and Mass Effect I guess
- Current playthrough is something like my 8th ME1 game, probably 5th ME2 and my second ME3 game. Had an aborted run through to mid ME2 in late 2012, but I just struggle to get through the game with MaleShep's voice, even though it is better in the second (dunno about third), I'm just so used to femshep by now.
- Played all ME1 and 2 DLC (well, never really done anything in Pinnacle Station and only just done Kasumi's loyalty for the first time), but only played ME3 with release DLC, so my opinions are still half formed, only ending I've seen was vanilla destruction ending, never seen anything with Extended Cut.
- Speaking of the ending, while I found it deeply weird and was forced to sit and think about it for hours, I am happy enough with it. Having seen a long YouTube video at some point discussing the Indoctrination Theory I do think that would have been perfect, and I'm not sure I could ever choose Synthesis or Control as they seem so much like giving in to the Reapers, but I can accept the ending as it is, it works in it's own way. I really don't know what to expect from the Extended cut besides some kind of ignore ending if I'm right?
- In terms of modding, I've been a long term follower of CDAMJC's (and to a lesser extent JeanLuc's) texture work on the first 2 games, and have been aware of me3explorer for some time, but I had no idea until the other day the extent of this project. I'm suddenly finding myself considering the prospect of actual story tweaks to the third game, which I didn't even know existed.

In short, thank you all so very much for the work done around here. This post was as much a way for me to think through my opinions on the games, so sorry for the longish post.

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